Lounge MS / Vaillo + Irigaray

Architects: Vaillo + Irigaray / Antonio Vaillo + Juan Luis Irigaray
Location: Navarra, Spain
Project manager: Daniel Galar Irurre, architect
Rigger: Pacho Jiménez
Structure: Tadeo Errea- LANDABE
Engineer: Luis Miguel Navarro
Lighting: Anton Aman – ALS LIGHTING
Client: Restaurante Marisol
Project year: 2007

The organizational scheme is due to similar patterns of micro-structures, more in line with geometric patterns of liquid and / or aerosols that Cartesian structures. In establishing a working geometry using “soft” and a unified treatment space “airy”.

floor plan

The new space is conceived as a continuation of the existing fence, wrapping it all, but hidden: expressing their new identity, not as constructed element, but as a re-forested. A new plant species grown in the surrounding area … the new scalar similarity between elements of “plant” makes the proposal a new understanding of the link with the existing connection.


This species builds a base of recycled plastic tubes of different colors similar to reeds, organizing a braided flexible and deformable organic capability to adapt to any situation and geometry.

Cite: "Lounge MS / Vaillo + Irigaray" 30 Apr 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=20822>
  • Izzz

    Beautiful greens and combination with white! Sadly the outdoor seems forgotten.

  • arch critic

    sadly its the oudoors.

  • Bo Lucky

    My guess would be that lots of plastics were used in this “building” what makes the that thing flamable… very interesting description of the project however words don’t make architecture and there is very weak connection between the project and its description.

  • Daniel Con

    Is it acceptable to make a bad building, cover it with a “cool” looking screen, and believe that it is a good architecture? Putting a dress on a pig

  • http://www.quiltro.bligoo.com Javier

    A stripers would be happy in those spaces XD

  • Josep

    I think the architecture is really nice
    the interior is really chaotic
    too many design ideas
    wish they have keep the same simplicity inside and out
    but the exterior is just plain beautiful!

  • http://www.archdaily.com David Basulto [tricky]

    @Daniel Con,

    Maybe you should present your arguments on why this is bad architecture for you in order to discuss this further, otherwise it´s just a rant with 0 value.

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  • INawe

    I for one was skeptical about the design until i looked at the shots with people in it. I thought there was too much going on but for a lounge space i think its great and the use of different levels of transparency was well thought out. I think this would be a great place to get my drink on. ;)

  • Daniel Z

    Excellent outdoor solution!!! Just great…
    Of course i´m thinking of my latin country in wish you need to keep yous outdoor locked with a fence

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  • me

    strippers paradise…

    • tondija

      strippers paradise
      ha ha ha

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  • http://www.garalysoka.com oscar falcón lara

    Oh well, it’s pure Spanish chic and they love their stuff… granted there are plenty of details but that is the point, it is a restaurant and lounge, and in Spain certain excesses are allowed in public commercial spaces… it may not please everyone but it is a building that does not escape attention. Good one.

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  • tondija

    like it muchos muchos!
    pure concept, using basic expression elements and mixing it up to chaotic dynamic industrial garden!