How Would You Like Your Architecture?

Via arthitectural

We found this Venn diagram on arthitectural. This illustration was originally created by Colin Harman in regards to graphic design. However, there is no doubt this logic can apply to architecture, or any other design profession.

Via, Web Urbanist

Cite: Rosenfield, Karissa. "How Would You Like Your Architecture?" 12 Feb 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 May 2015. <>
  • anonym

    That community housing building in Toronto (the one that won an ArchDaily award) seems to fit in the middle of the graph…

  • arch_

    The “you get what you pay for” and “just in time to be too late” should have switched places in the diagram. The former refers to quality and price,and its put in the section of time and price, while the latter refers to time and quality and its put in the section of the price and quality circles. Or do they mean that the project which is cheap and great in quality will be too late, while the project which is done in a haste has just enough quality to rationalize the price?

  • joda

    hungarian tag: “Our company works great, fast, and cheap.
    You can chose two of them”