House in Huentelauquen / Izquierdo Lehmann


Architects: Izquierdo Lehmann – Luis Izquierdo W., Antonia Lehmann S.B.
Location: Punta Caracoles, IV Region, Chile
Structural Engineering: Luis Soler P. y Asociados
Services: Kenneth Page (PVT)
Constructed Area: 350 sqm
Project Year: 2005
Construction Year: 2006-2007
Main Materials: Concrete, ,Glass
Photographs: Izquierdo Lehman


This house is located on a rural setting in Huentelauquen, Chile, facing the sea from the border of a plain plateau exposed to the strong winds, 40m over the . The house was located along this border, sunken to disappear into the landscape, in which only 5 chimneys arise as sea lookouts.




In the floorplan, the rooms are aligned and facing the view over the sea, on a bar distanced from the retaining wall on its back, to create a sunken patio away from the wind. The living and dining rooms are open along both sides with large windows, suspended between the horizon and the excavation of the patio.



At the same time the patio, which becomes the main space of the house, opens to the horizon through the double glass wall of the living room. It is connected with the interior through the living, to the main suite through the bathroom, on one side, and to the kitchen with the services on the opposite side. The 4 rooms for children/guests are accessed through a covered exterior gallery along the patio.

Under the living and dining room, there is another living room with a terrace open to the sea, with a full view of the ocean.

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  • pathos

    At first glance I was not impressed at all with the rear elevation. And i’m not quite sure what all of those solitary confinement cells are, especially since the description reads ‘bla bla bla’. However this house does have some nice qualities about it. The materials are used true to their nature and the all concrete interior is appealing in its timelessness. I can see how that oceanside facade was designed from the inside out.

  • Nick

    Case Study House lookalike.

  • Lucas Gray

    I think this is a nice design. I like the material choices and the entrance sequence seems to be powerful.

  • Bronson

    This is totally my kind of place, natura, rustic, simple and elegant.

    The living space is open and airy and the low profile of the house and the external areas are awesome.

    Kudos to the teams involved and for building my dream home, I’ll be there in a year or two to collect. :)

  • roadkill

    wonderful project… would be great to have some construction details! very nice project….

  • Shawn

    While I love the horizontality of the fascia and the entry journey from grassy knoll to open sea in the section looks wonderful. The front facade seems like a wasted opportunity.

    A site like this just cries out for bold terraces that portrude off the cliff instead of a generic outdoor space.

    Also a shame that wonderfully tactile stonework isn’t carried through to the front!

  • nixon

    I think this house was shown before on Arch Daily, am I wright?

  • lester

    Beautiful house, wonderful views, the ocean, the blue sky, the raw appeal of concrete and stone, the horses walking around, the garden, the barbecue made of a rusty oil barrel/bidon… wait! what? a barbecue made o a rusty… what?!

    • darth

      hahahaha, a beach house in Chile it’s not truly complete without a barbecue made of a rusty oil barrel, dude! If you come here, you check it by yourself…Cheers!

  • CaioM

    niiiice design

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  • Greg

    Nice place, but wonder about the practicality of the fireplace. Looks like it was used once. And then the owner said, if you want a fire, there’s an oil can outside.

  • Lorena

    Cuànto vale costruir algo similar en un terreno similar y cuànto tiempo demora? pueden responder por favor , he enviado varios mail nunca obtengo respuesta

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