Best from ArchDaily, compiled by The Absolution – Vol. I

  • 19 Jan 2012
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© David Frutos

We have some interesting news: A while ago, we got in touch with Rafael C, owner of The Absolution Blog – one of the most popular architecture blogs at Tumblr. Rafael’s taste for architecture keeps him searching for amazing architecture shots from all around the Internet, followed by thousands on this popular micro blogging platform – he should absolutely be on your sources!

So, to bring Rafael’s unique vision to more of you who may not be on Tumblr (and have no plans to), every week he will present us a curated selection of photos from the ArchDaily archives, framing particular characteristics of the buildings we love. He is bound to find some buried treasure in our four-year-old-and-growing, 250,000+ image database :) so don’t miss it!

This is the first part. Don’t hesitate to leave Rafael your thoughts in the comments.



© Jonathan Wallen

‘I love how this picture shows the contrasts between old and new architecture. We can only see the evolutions when we understand the history behind it.’
- from Poly Prep Lower School / Platt Byard Dovell White Architects



San Antonio Library, Texas / Photo by John W. Schulze via flickr -

‘Recognizing Lagorreta’s buildings is always easy! Always full of hot colors, inspired by mexican culture. It’s a pity we’ve lost such an unique architect.’
- from Learning from Ricardo: an unpublished recent talk with Ricardo and Victor Legorreta by Carlo Ezechieli



© Stefano Pedretti
”The mix of minimalism, lighting effects, rustic floor, and pieces of art makes the atmosphere looks fresh and confortable.’
- from Celio Apartment / Carola Vannini Architecture



© David Frutos

‘Exposed concrete and metal structure. These two elements look gorgeous together. The second floor is also topped with a skin of perforated corten steel, which allows the wind to circulate through the building.’
- from Monteagudo Museum / Amann-Cánovas-Maruri



© Christopher Frederick Jones

‘The idea of a double helix structure with a canopy made of glass and perforated steel gave this bridge a delicate, modern and unusual look.’
- from Helix Bridge / Cox Architecture with Architects 61


That’s it for this week. What did you think of this? Leave us your feedback in the comments below, and once again, a big thanks to Rafael for all his collaboration!

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  • brb001

    Blogging another blog, brilliant idea!

    Please provide more content from and links to other architecture blogs. Also, more news, announcements and homespun myopic commentary from unemployed architects please.

    Having daily source of beautifully photographed projects from around the world obviously is not enough to keep any of us happy.

    Thank you.

  • Rafael

    Thank YOU guys for the amazing oportunity! It’s an honor to work with you.