Dead Sea Resort & Opera House / Accent Design Group

overview 01

The main concept in the Resort & Opera House by Accent Design Group is to create a resort that naturally blends in this special site, by having the built up areas merge naturally with the surroundings, appearing as terraces in the landscape. These terraces, or strips, would contain the individual housing units, amidst a natural/artificial landscape of palm trees and water pools. The idea again is to have something that infringes as little as possible on the experience of the Dead Sea, and that would provide an antidote to the other reigning ideas of suburban recreational facilities, which create completely artificial surroundings. More images and architects’ description after the break.

overview 02

The terraces would start at the bottom level of the site, rising towards the upper ‘platform’, where the project meets the highway. There, on the upper boundary of the site, two elements serve to anchor the project and to signal its presence on the highway: the hotel unit and the opera house.

overview 03

The first element is distinguished by its basic rectangular geometry, while the other one fractures to allow a more expressive articulation of the program. Overall, the intent is to create a project that intrudes as little as possible, that discretely fits into its surroundings, and that distinguishes itself by this sensitivity to ‘place’.

Architect: Accent Design Group
Location: Dead Sea, Jordan
Lead Architect: Elie Abs
Project Team: Aline Fadous, Charbel Karam, Petia Ratzov, Nagham Tabaja
Project Consultant: Elie G. Haddad
Project Area: 45,000 sqm
Type: Hotel & Resort

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