Your Wall House

Undoubtly, Wall House was one of the most innovative in the last few years. But after winning the AR Emergent Awards 2007, being selected as one of the Record Houses 2008 by Architectural Record and their clients response, FAR frohn&rojas architects decided to go one step ahead and now they present Your Wall House, a customizable kit to build your own Wall House.

The kit goes from squematic drawings to a full custom climate concept, which will result on a variaton of the original Wall House according to personal needs, interests, local building code and the local climate conditions.

Kits and prices:

  • Schematic Drawing Set: Schematic drawing set of the Wall House project, including the right to use the plans to construct a single unit. EUR $1.499 – USD$ 2.335.
  • Detailed Drawing Set: Detailed drawing set of the Wall House project, including the right to use the plans to construct a single unit. EUR $4.999 – USD$7.788.
  • Detailed Drawing Set w/ Custom Climate Concept: Detailed drawing set of the Wall House project together with climate simulation for the location of your choice with recommendations and custom material specifications. The set also includes the right to use the plans to construct a single unit. EUR $7.999,00 – USD$12.462.
  • Customized Design on the Basis of the Wall House: If you are interested in working with FAR frohn&rojas for a customized design based on the Wall House please contact us using the contact sheet provided on this website. Option to be discussed on an individual basis.

So, if you want your own Wall House just click here.

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  • Maya Jordan from DeZona

    I’m really interested in those innovative ideas of how a home should look like! Some time ago I saw another alternative of a traditional house – this sustainable Nomad Home:

    It also has some really nice furniture! :)

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  • http://archiportale giovanni Buccino

    sarebbe utile uno stesso progetto per luoghi di ritrovo giovanile, dove audiovisivi e musica e sperimentazioni concrete e poesia si affacci anche nei lidi scomposti e momentanei sul lungomare delle riviere italiane come santa margherita ligure…

  • Robin Kemp

    I like the idea but after our last experience with poly and high winds here in Tasmania, I’m not so sure. Also when one talks about a “budget” what do the architects mean? Big, little, after all,is budget is a relative term such as poverty.
    Another thing to be considered is, how does one get such a dwelling approved by the local building department?

    Still like it though……..

  • David Basulto

    Well, it was approved by the chilean construction department at least…