Casa Viguet / NdC Arquitectura

  • 01:00 - 29 April, 2009
Casa Viguet / NdC Arquitectura
  • Architects

  • Location

    Pilar, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
  • Architect

    NdC Arquitectura - Nicolás del Campo
  • Site Area

    1.500 sqm
  • Area

    70.0 sqm
  • Project Year


Casa Viguet / NdC Arquitectura Casa Viguet / NdC Arquitectura Casa Viguet / NdC Arquitectura Casa Viguet / NdC Arquitectura +11

From the architect. Situated in Pilar - Buenos Aires, surrounded by a natural area that composes the landscape of the house; it sits on a central position of a 1500m2 site generating multiple gardens towards where the house looks at. Casa Viguet is an intentional and minimum single room house where uses hybridize and link with the exterior.

Considering functions, execution, aesthetics and timing premolded concrete elements where chosen to solve the construction of the house. The skin serves as security wall and as light and air vain creating light and shade, transparency and opacity following the time of day and seasons.

The house defines itself as a contemplation instrument, expressing need as joy of use, interpreting daily life as magical, improvising and composing with the existent an idyllic bond as a medium of finding comfort in the living.

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