Casa Viguet / NdC Arquitectura

Architect: NdC Arquitectura – Nicolás del Campo
Location: Pilar, Buenos Aires,
Site Area: 1,500 sqm
Constructed Area: 70 sqm
Project Year: 2008
Photographs: Nicolás del Campo

Situated in Pilar – Buenos Aires, surrounded by a natural area that composes the landscape of the house; it sits on a central position of a 1500m2 site generating multiple gardens towards where the house looks at. Casa Viguet is an intentional and minimum single room house where uses hybridize and link with the exterior.

elevations 02

Considering functions, execution, aesthetics and timing premolded elements where chosen to solve the construction of the house. The skin serves as security wall and as light and air vain creating light and shade, transparency and opacity following the time of day and seasons.

The house defines itself as a contemplation instrument, expressing need as joy of use, interpreting daily life as magical, improvising and composing with the existent an idyllic bond as a medium of finding comfort in the living.

Cite: "Casa Viguet / NdC Arquitectura" 29 Apr 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 27 May 2015. <>
  • Lucas Gray

    The interior shadows and natural light is great.
    It looks a little bit cold for a house though.

  • Daniel Con

    I’ve been trying to solve the problem of security for a house in Africa and this is a beautiful solution! Much better than iron bars!!!

  • alejandro

    I agree with Lucas it´s a bit cold

    Although it has good ideas, details are poorly executed

    Care to explain please what does “where uses hybridize and link with the exterior” really mean?


  • Bo Lucky

    Looks like nobody lives there – wonder why?

  • Daniel Con

    Come on, do any architectural photographs look as if someone actually lives there???

  • Bo Lucky

    Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough… I was referring to the house, not to the pictures… does anybody live there?

  • Marcus

    Nice design. But I dont think it is fit for living in. It doesnt portray the qualities of what a home should be.

  • teo

    Shadows could have been created in in other ways, same goes with security. Argentina is known for its wildlife, and every nook and cranny is a perfect hideout for snakes and spiders, not to mention the accumulating dust. I’m sure the costs warn’t high but the results aren’t that great either.

  • http://none Van

    The project is interesting. but the elevation is strange…with the same background in different color, it confuse the reader. I realy dont like the illustration, get help for your “rendering” or dont do it. A good CAD drawing is better than a poor illustration.

  • evap

    The design vocabulary is a bit too much.

  • francis

    Leaving aside the choice of architectural vocabulary and detailing because it is soooo at odds with mine, I would like therefore focus on the security aspect instead. The building seem to have embroil the situation rather than resolving it. A subtle approach by taking the entire site into consideration would prove more successful instead of just dropping a “cage” into it.

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  • Anne

    Looking at the plan, it does seem to be a nice house to live in. More interior shots would have been great.

  • BAJ

    This appears to be a very effective solution for the issues of security, contemplation, providing a comfortable living space; making a minimal impact on its surroundings. More interior photos would have been appreciated of the bath and sleeping area, but it looks very livable to me.

    Too many critics!

  • MDK

    Always annoying when people call white houses “cold”. Have you heard of “white hot”?

  • eva