Giveaway: Win a signed copy of “Cebra Files 02″

Our friends from Cebra gave us two signed copies of their book ‘Cebra Files 02‘ for us to organize a small giveaway between our readers! All you need to do is tell us which are your 3 favorite projects from (check them all here) and a small explanation of why do you like them.

Among all the comments we will give 2 signed copies of the book. You have until January 9 to leave us your comment. One more thing: Follow us in Twitter and join us in Facebook to increase your chances! Good luck!

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    My Top Three Cebra Projects

    1. Egmont High School – Simply a stunning school. I remember my high school, and how its neolithic and bland architecture contributed to the dilapidation and waste around the school, and the somewhat boring experience. The gymnasium was the worst, as it was inaccessible to many disabled students, and was in a state of identity crisis (what happens when you pair 2003 floors with 1970s design!). This project is wonderful because it eschews the typical ‘bland’ high school gym look, while incorporating functionality for everyone in the school to enjoy!

    2. Landsbyhuset
    Honestly, this building reminds me of the fantastic videogame Metroid Prime. In the photos, it seems desolate yet strikingly beautiful, but one knows that it teems with life. It provides a community gathering for people throughout the village, and its design seems perfectly suited to the rustic feel of the town.

    3. Iceberg
    Perhaps my favourite Cebra project, this represents the epitome of innovative urban design. Having visited major cities around the globe – Toronto, Dar-E-Salaam,Dubai, Washington D.C., Chicago, London, etc. – I know very well that urban architecture can wear out fast, and architectural projects which stun in their opening years may fade from prominence as global style and design changes. This seems like a timelessly modern design, and is functional in the sense that it truly integrates a community through the use of design principles, architecture, and space. A fantastic concept, and one that I hope receives the funding and attention it needs!

    Well, that’s my entry. Hopefully I can win!

    - Mac (@PenandDesign)

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    Je ne connaissais pas du tout Cebra, merci ArchDaily pour cette découverte. Je viens de passer en revue le site et je trouve des choses intéressante dans différentes échelles de projet . Aimant assez le minimalisme, j’ai aimé la Sinus house qui offrent de beaux cadrages sur l’extérieur. Naturvidenskabernes Hus, je trouve les vues entre les étages intéressantes et le bâtiment trés réussi. Le projet Magneten est innovant à mes yeux, les lieux exploités dans la partie “sous-terraine” permettent une approche différentes de l’architecture. Les projets ayant retenus mon intentions sont plus nombreux mais puisqu’il en faut trois, je m’arrète là. J’espère avoir la chance de recevoir le livre pour decouvrir un peu plus ces projets.

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    01 | Lucinahaven Toulov Childcare because its different interiors;

    02 | Kloden Egmont High School: love the ability to keep so close all the functions required;

    03 | Iceberg… so fresh and danish design!

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    1. Kloden Egmont High School- Use of a circular plan with free, amorphic program malleability within static platonic shape.
    2. Design Kindergarten- Playful use of color and extruded shape manipulation for light wells to create interesting spaces on interior.
    3. Denmark Borgcenter- Incredibly interesting urban connectivity and reflection on traditional Danish architecture.

    Although, I really like them for their diagram and drawing style… It is very refreshing to see a playful firm that still manages to be clear in their graphics and rigorous in architectural intent.

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    I’m not massively familiar with the work of Cebra, so it took me a little while to pick my favourites. I quite enjoyed sifting through their website though, so not a bad bit of time spent I feel.

    Ok, number one. ‘Fremtidens Universitet’ – although stylistically very different, it reminds me a lot of some of the ideas behind Louis Kahn’s work. Between areas of function, they are plenty of provisions to encourage chance meetings and passing conversations, on campus banter ensue.

    Number two. The stair case of ‘Villa Schroeder’ – it is a superbly executed design with tons of duality within the design. I like things kept simple and this elegant space filler does just that.

    Finally, number three. Either ‘XO’ or ‘Nyt Liv’ – the overall concept behind these two designs, that of bringing people together through an abundance of mixed uses, appeals to me greatly. I think society in the UK could use a lot more of this in our public realm. However, design wise, the original concepts for ‘Nyt Liv’ are more evident in the final design, so this one marginally won out.

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    my favorite cebra project is the søgaard school (bright interior, smart window pattern, i like the frontgardens) followed by the kloden egmont high school (smart space allocation plan) and the lucinahaven toulov childcare (again bright interior with smart window pattern – often forgotten by architects. colorful scheme!)

    BTW i really love cebra’s design approach: lovely and clear conceptual sketches. and with and i think i love their green gimmicks!

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    1 Larvik Vertikal Campus: for the perceptible presence of its void.

    2 Blinds Studio: for its uncommonly off-centered approach to a shape that undoubtedly desires a center.

    3 Sumna: for its simultaneous juxtaposition of complex geometries (interior) with the simplest of geometries (exterior), the quality of which is best exemplified in section.

    I enjoy CEBRA’s ability to qualitatively finish with complexity while never losing the simplicity of their initial beginnings.

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    1)Iceberg / CEBRA + JDS + SeARCH + Louis Paillard

    2)Vaeksthuset Botanical Garden / Cebra

    3) The School at Bülowsvej / CEBRA


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    1. Iceberg – as the building is topping out in the industrial seaside of Aarhus, it definitely has the same impact as an iceberg would have on the flat Danish landscape.
    2. Youth Recreation & Culture Center – simple and discrete, yet interesting, dynamic and fun. Just how a youth center should be.
    3. Sinus House – cutting out the proper pieces of a simple form, therefore reinterpreting the house, the form, the outlook.

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    1-Iceberg__ I really like the composition and design of the main facade is very interesting.

    2-Sinus House__ I find very interesting the subtractions in the building and use of sunlight

    3-Fuglsang cuts__ I like the windows. I find it very distinctive and innovative.

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    1-pinball house because of open views and creative interiors
    2-the school at Bülowsvej for it’s public integration and respecting danish architecture
    3- Vaeksthuset Botanical Garden for it’s creative geometry

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    1. Kloden, Egmont High School – because its simple looks and logic of the form and yet very complicated function residing in it.
    2. The School at Bülowsvej – I like how the two floors are connected by this net on which children could climb. This is very interesting approach.
    3. Søgaard School – it feels very natural and friendly for the kids because of the used more natural and less cold materials as well as the precise proportions used.

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    Kloden, Egmont High School-interesting functional organisation, strong concept
    The School at Bülowsvej-a really good answer to the problems of spatiality, insertion in a given context and divergecy through form
    Sinus House-nice concept, like the use of materials

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    Iceberg – because I can imagine this big “iceberg” hitting the coast of Denmark.
    Denmark Borgcenter – new urban connection and traditional Danish architecture are linked at the same time with an innovative approach.
    Youth Recreation & Culture Center – ’cause I love Dorte Mandup too.
    I lived 6 months in DK (Copenhagen), I love that country and I am really fascinated by their culture.

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    1 – Sims House – because I would live there(It means a lot :)
    2 – Design Kindergarten – because the space they have created is like one BIG playground. Really inspirating for children!
    3 – Egmont High School, Egmont – because they found a way, how to connect all activities without cutting the space and because someway it reminds me Colosseum:)

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    Well I sure as butts would like to win a book

    1) Lucinahaven Toulov Childcare – I really like the way the colors just cascade down the facade. The interior is spacy and seems very inviting for children as well as adults to frolic.

    2) Holstebro – I like the sharp angles that cut into your vision and demand attention. The color scheme makes me think of a cold sea during winter time and the emphasis on triangles is a refreshing twist to what I’m used to.

    3) Sinus House – I like this building because it makes me think of cake. It looks like an Algonquian longhouse with slices taken right out of it and puts an interesting spin on a common idea. The color scheme brings about fond memories of eating oreos and milk and so I attach a little bit of nostalgia to what I see.

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    1. The School at Bülowsvej – I like the juxtaposition of the three ‘sandwich’ slices and what they are doing programmatically and aesthetically.

    2. Pinball House – I like the plan which reflects the exterior views. As well as the use of materials.

    3. Sinus House – It’s just a beautiful house. Simple, clean and it has an efficient plan

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    1. Vaeksthuset Botanical Garden – The wonderful use of artificial environments is a fresh attitude and differentiates this project from many other glass-buildings-morphed-into-landscapes we’ve seen in recent years. It’s refreshing to see architecture take a thesis on the environment rather than bury itself under it (as is the norm by now).
    2. Sinus House – There’s such an economy to this house, and it packs a huge punch for an elegant plan. I especially appreciate their fresh use of a gable roof (largely a taboo in ultra-sleek contemporary houses), which gets an augmented spatial complexity through the cuts, and makes the interior a unique and liveable space.
    3. Iceberg – The sectional logic and connections of the housing units are brilliant. Cebra has an ability to utilize basic constraints of the site and turn them into fantastic design opportunities. I would love to live here.

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    :: 1 Sinus House :: The clear concept of a simple gable form incised for views and light is appealing but the move of having the shell and incised areas contrasting make this project.

    :: 2 Lucinahaven Toulov Childcare :: I like the metaphor of the flower related to the program and find it interesting that they took a rigid, formal geometry and broke it down on the elevations so it feels more playful and something that needs to be explored to be understood. I also enjoy how the geometry continues into the landscape as the defining theme.

    :: 3 Diagrams :: The final thing I like is not a single project but their use of diagrams to analyze and clarify their concepts.

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    1- Iceberg / CEBRA + JDS + SeARCH + Louis Paillard: I love the way they play whit the shape and concept of iceberg, also, the way they make like a comune, a place that you can walk, enjoy the views of the lake, of the buildings, the colors, and the shapes inself of the place in general.

    2- Kloden, Egmont High School / CEBRA : This proyect reminds me a amusement park, a place that you can have fun, and the shape of the exterior give more attention to the place inself, highlightin te intention of the proyecect.

    3-Iglo / CEBRA : i love the simplicity of the idea, and the nice and warm feeling that makes the hole construction

    Sorry for my english, i`m from argentina. And thanks for this oportunity!

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    1. Å-Husene. I recall taking interest in this project prior to this competition and was captivated by their concept drawings, specifically the three step process. Furthermore, the interesting design for this housing complex was then explained with no words in the next image, showing the need for sunlight, the parking space, and easy access to the water.
    2. Paletten. This is the, as they dubbed it, the design kindergarten. Similar to the one above, their ability to use near comical and easy to understand drawings and diagrams to illustrate their design process was very impressive. Furthermore, the design’s lack of straight and mundane paths would have made the kindergarten all the more enjoyable for those who studied (is that the word? haha) there.
    3. Isbjerget. The design of this building uses one of my favourite shapes, the triangle numerous times. The design, as the triangle, indicate and reflect the completion and perfection of such design. Again, a very critical issue is addressed with this design that is often overlooked by many others. This is the issue of sunlight. This design allows for multiple channels of sunlight to penetrate through the layers of buildings.

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    1) Lucinahaven Toulov Childcare – I like the way the colors just cascade down the facade.
    2) Holstebro – The sharp angles that cut into your vision and demand attention.
    3) Sinus House – It looks like an Algonquian longhouse with slices taken right out of it and puts an interesting spin on a common idea.

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    Very cool book presentation!!
    1. Sinus House – inedit shape
    2. Pinball House- the shape is dominating the functional
    3. Lucinahaven Toulov Childcare – interior light and facade colours

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    1. Youth Recreation Centre
    The way the buildings elevation lowers as it splits into two, almost welcoming guests to the building.

    2. Fuglsang Cuts
    The playful use of windows that differentiates each flat from one another and the blocks from conventional buildings with a standard window set up.

    3. Iceberg
    The way they use architecture to integrate people of different ages and social classes in order to create a harmonious living atmosphere.

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    Well, many beautifull concepts, but:

    1) Fuglsang Cuts – outstanding composition with landscape. Besides. square “bubbles” concept is great :D

    2) Pinball house – i love it for its transparency. Wood, comcrete, metal, glass mixed with green surroundings. And those lights. Great.

    3)Sogaard School – for the simple, minimalistic interior climate.

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    1. Kloden, Egmont High School. It’s the first project I saw by them and I’ve been a CEBRA’s fan since then. This project looks so simple from the outside, but it’s so exciting from the inside. The program is complex and CEBRA did a great job with it. I would love to visit this sports facility :)

    2. Vaeksthuset Botanical Garden. This is a dynamic project, like every design this team creates. I like this one in particular because the circles and curves look so natural. Often I find circles in architecture don’t work that well and sometimes you find a project that makes you love them, this is one of them.

    3. The School at Bülowsvej, because it is simple and effective. I particularly love the “roofscape” and the hanging gardens/classrooms; they are visually appealing and they are just another type of box added to the other ones … I like how it fits in the concept.

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    1. UDK Holstebro- symmetry made interesting
    2. Søgaard School- form and scale that link to the neighborhood
    3. Kloden, Egmont High School- the round shape highlights the inclusive character of the school

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    1)Sinus House-beautiful contrast in a background with beautiful colors
    2)fuglsang cuts-lovely design
    3)iceberg-very fresh design

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