Casa la Roca / Parque Humano

© Paul Rivera

Architects: Parque Humano 
Location: ,
Total Area: 450 sqm
Client: Private
Completion: 2011
Project Team: Jorge Covarrubias + Benjamín González Henze, Omar Martinez, Juan Jose Barrios, Mercedes Escudero
Structure: D.E.C.S.A.
Photographs: Paul Rivera – ArchPhoto 


© Paul Rivera

For the concept of this project we have taken advantage of the triangular character of the plot, the slope of the land and the views towards the Cerro Gordo´s Natural Reserve. The building has been conceived as a homogenous mass, hollowing out a huge opening with an inviting forced perspective effect caused by the asymmetric walls that frames the natural panorama. With the objective of building an interior/exterior relation, the volumetric setting of sloping walls and slabs allow the visual journey from the interior space, deeply linking the project to the existing landscape, it is the exterior landscape which organizes our interior spaces

© Paul Rivera

The house is developed in two volumes separated by a garden and connected by a bridge. Parking and service areas organize the access level. From here, the stairs lead to the main access. Within the first volume, we have place on the ground level the living and dining space and the kitchen; bedrooms were placed in the second level. The subsequent volume hosts a working studio, facing the inner court. Each spaces has a proportion and a characteristic relation with the adjacent space, as well as a relation with the existing Landscape.

© Paul Rivera

The house overlooks the environment incorporating the landscape, making an atmosphere of outdoor life, reconstructing the dynamic perception of the space with an emphasis on the emotional bonds between subject and nature. Working with nature is a way of working towards the understanding of our world.

© Paul Rivera
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    im a fresh architecture student, and i was just wondering why are the railings of the balcony curved? its too much of a contrast with the overall sharp design… just curious and want to know the reasoning behind it.

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      Jus wondered the same thing…maybe because of contrast…other than that I see no functionality cause….

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    In my opinion such curved railings nicely break overall “sharp-edgy” form. Instead of heavy-weight balcony we got it almost invisible ;-)

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