Stuttgart City Library / Yi Architects

© Stefan Müller

The opening ceremony for the new Stuttgart City Library by Yi Architects was on October 21, 2011.  After winning a competition for the project in 1999, the new library for Stuttgart in southern has finally been unveiled.   have shared with us the drawings and images of the project.  Follow us after the break.

Architect:  Yi Architects 
Location: Stuttgart,Germany
Opening Ceremony: October 21, 2011
Plot Area: 3 201 m²
Total Cost: € 79.0 million

© Stefan Müller

The site for the Stuttgart City Library was chosen in Mailänder Platz, an area that is perceived to be a future city centre growing out of the location of the library. With this in mind, the architects chose to physically express the importance of this cultural centre by giving the building a grand physical presence. The building takes the form of cube with an edge length of 45 meters.

© Stefan Müller

It is constructed out of pale grey fair-faced concrete that visually frames an array of 9 x 9 frosted glass bricks. The shell is designed as a double façade that includes the glass brick level and an inner mullion/transom façade as the thermal building shell.

© Stefan Müller

The form and symmetry of entrance of the building was inspired by the “Cenotaph for Newton” by Étienne Boullée, but the heart and core of the library follows the design of the ancient pantheon. Protected by a secondary façade, the cube-shaped room is situated in the middle of the building and is illuminated by a central roof light. In the center is a 1 m² fountain that ties the space as a meditative area.

Courtesy of Yi Architects

The gallery hall is a five-story space, square-shaped and surrounded by a shell of books. The interior circulation is arranged in a spiral among the reading gallery areas, designed to be flowing promenades flooded with light from the glass roof. The forum, a third central room, is located below the heart. This is an event room which is in proximity to the light-railway line that crosses the first and second basement floors.

Courtesy of Yi Architects


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  • alex

    I’m not sure about the exterior but that gallery hall is amazing! Introverted architecture, interesting.

  • dr

    strange, interesting…

  • Robledo

    The section looks like michael graves’s Portland Building.

  • godryk

    The inner space is amazing. Indeed, it has that sacred quality that a library should possess.

    BTW, gotta love the sectioned model with the sectioned stairs.

  • Gisela Schmoll

    Wish they had posted more interior shots, it looks amazing. How they every managed to convince the city to create a building with so much “wasted” space is also an incredible feat!

  • still GU

    I like the inner space !!!!!!!!

    It’s good place which for thinking,or maybe take a small walk!!

  • Tosh

    Well done! Looks quite amazing.

  • Windsandale

    I don’t like it at all, although it looks impressive because of the symmetry and the huge space,its a technical, dead and inhuman space for me and i don’t want to imagine how it will look in 20 years…
    By the way – who need library anymore – build a school instead!!

  • pimpyboy

    Both SANNA and this building bear profound meaning. But SANNA is beautiful, this building is ugly. This building looks very ugly. And all the white and white gets beige before 2030. Library is monumentalism, not a pavillion.