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In a three-level peer review process that resulted in two first-prize winners, an urban planning concept was developed by J. MAYER H. Architects for the area of what was once the post office on Erkrather Strasse. The so-called “Quartier M” is to serve as the future link between the Hauptbahnhof central station and Tanzhaus NRW/Capitol, becoming a lively city quarter for living and working. In addition to offices and a hotel, the trend-setting urban design also provides for both privately financed and government subsidized public housing. 
Other plans include space for a day care center for children and service providers for the quarter. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Courtesy of J. MAYER H. Architects

The urban plan for “Quartier M” in Düsseldorf envisions three building blocks. The office of J. MAYER H. – one of the two prizewinners – will realize the commercial block including the office/hotel high rise. The planned high rise will grow like a sculpture from one of the enclosing peripheral developments. A peripheral structure unifies the “Quartier M” as a cohesive urban plan, creating a striking conclusion to the city’s cultural boulevard. The required pre-construction planning proceedings are scheduled for completion in mid-2014.

Courtesy of J. MAYER H. Architects

The area that has until recently been used as a Deutsche Post AG/DHL distribution center in the immediate vicinity of the Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof will no longer be needed in the foreseeable future. With it, this 38,075 square meter area is subject to a new urban development opportunity. The existing “functional architecture” building substance will be torn down, with the exception of an administration building on Erkrather Strasse, which is integrated into the concept as a whole and made available for new, additional forms of use.

Courtesy of J. MAYER H. Architects

The city of Düsseldorf stands to gain a number of positive points through this development of this centrally-located, downtown area: Düsseldorf will have a unique new district characterized not only by a lively and contemporary mix of uses, but also a high urbanity factor. Besides residential living options, the urban planning program will also open up a number of tightly integrated, reliable job opportunities geared toward the service metropolis Düsseldorf. Other planned attractions include a special quarter suppliers’ area with gastronomy options, a 3-star category + theme hotel and integrated health and wellness facilities. Linked to the DB-trains and public transport, all of the planned construction blocks should exude a sophisticated aura and, in so doing, further the quarter’s reputation as a uniquely accessible quarter for both the region and city.

Architects: J. MAYER H. Architects
Location: Düsseldorf,
Team: Juergen Mayer H., Max Reinhardt, Simon Kassner, Hugo Reis, Jan-Christoph Stockebrand
Investor: Lorac Investment Management, Luxemburg
Structural Engineering and Facade Planning: Knippers Helbig, Stuttgart
Climate and Energy Plan: Transsolar, Stuttgart
Urban development values:
Planning area: 3.8 hectares
Floor area ratio: 2.9
Total gross floor area: 114,225 square meters
Total residential units: approx, 500 of these, approx, 280 high-quality living of these, approx, 30 to 40 public subsidized housing
High-rise Block 1: approx, 100,00 meters
High-rise Block 3: approx, 60,00 meters
Conventional living: 17,600 square meters
High-quality living: 28,100 square meters
Living and working: 6,800 square meters
Commercial/offices: 32,825 square meters
Hotel: 8,000 square meters
Health/wellness: 4,500 square meters
Children’s day care center
Quarter suppliers/gastronomy: 4,400 square meters

Cite: Furuto, Alison. "Quartier M / J. MAYER H. Architects" 30 Nov 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 27 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=188041>
  • Anonymous

    I think this one’s missing the poetry that makes this firm’s somewhat corny yet iconic geometries worthwhile.

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  • Chris

    Hmm.. Looks like somebody from the 70′s got Rhino.

  • jk

    Your Architecture not only doesn’t have a logic, but is a catastrophe from aestetics point of view. It hurts my eyes…

  • jk

    Wow, really?

  • ED

    this is god awful

  • ralph Vi

    is a joke, a child’s toy out of scale

  • http://numbdrum.com ygogolak

    This design style is starting to get old and repetitive. Mayer better start to come up with some other styles or the firm will quickly become the next Libeskind.

  • Timo

    J. Mayer H. please stop what you are doing. Please. You are not an architect, you are just a really bad designer.

  • Allan

    This design may be too provocative. But who says a child’s toy isn’t architecture? “Everything is architecture”.
    Still, weird…

  • TB

    I dont think its that bad at all. Aestically its a lot better than most developer made sky scrapers. I much rather have this than the countless replications of simple glass and steel extruded glass sky scrapers. Buildings like the Seagram building were revolutionary during their time and thus iconic. But simple replications of the style result in flat boring projects. This project at least attempts to break the standard appearance of a glass sky scraper.

    If some of the haters can point me in the direction of more spectacular modern sky scrapers please let me know (that was not sarcasm)

    • ygogolak

      First I would call this a high-rise, not a skyscraper, of which there are many better.
      Second, if this was the first time we have seen work like this from this firm it would be a different story, but they are starting to put out the same image for different projects.

  • cfty

    @ TB:
    high-rise yes, skyscraper no… a whole different ball game.