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The urban concept strategy by Maxthreads Architectural Design for the NW technology and research center pursues the maximization of open public space on the ground level of the site, including a canal walk area, open spaces and car park area. The mass of the new building is therefore raised into the first floor level. This open space is important to activate the site and the new research center. It is also important as an appropriate take off point or point of termination) for the overall site area sustainable mechanics. They are proposing a generous, diagonal underpass that emerges from the site environment and grand connective gesture. More images and project description after the break.

Courtesy of Maxthreads Architectural Design

NW Beijing technology and research center for the applications of computer technology is located at the intersection of a motorway, bordering the facilities of IT company NW tech. It consists of office buildings, laboratories and experimental energy research center. The greatest possible degree of spatial flexibility was specified, in order to be able to incorporate new machinery and technical resources without interfering in day to day center operations.

Courtesy of Maxthreads Architectural Design

Our primary intention was to create instantly recognizable buildings for the research center that was vivid in its individuality, with flexibility being one of the key objectives. The architectural expression for the research center has been inspired by the well organized computing system. As an artificial computing threading that run through the main façade. It also equip with solar tracking system to minimize the direct sun light penetration.

Courtesy of Maxthreads Architectural Design

The urban intentions that are emphasized with the placement of the building volumes are further pursued and complemented with the articulation of this volume. The volume is open up between the center of the two research center, direction to communicate with the open public space as well as direct connection for large volume of personnel access every day.

Courtesy of Maxthreads Architectural Design

This large, inviting opening becomes a strategy which cleared all the way through the building to connect with all site buildings. This opening communicates diagonally in both plan and section and thus accommodates to the typography. By extending the ground opening area allows the eco-system to extend through the site.

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