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  7. Carapicuiba House / Angelo Bucci + Alvaro Puntoni

Carapicuiba House / Angelo Bucci + Alvaro Puntoni

  • 01:00 - 5 April, 2009
Carapicuiba House / Angelo Bucci + Alvaro Puntoni
Carapicuiba House / Angelo Bucci + Alvaro Puntoni, © Nelson Kon
© Nelson Kon

© Nelson Kon © Nelson Kon © Nelson Kon © Nelson Kon +32

  • Architects

  • Location

    Carapicuíba - São Paulo, Brazil
  • Collaborators

    Ciro Miguel, Fernando Bizarri, Juliana Braga
  • Area

    300.0 sqm
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

  • Structure

    Ibsen Pulleo Uvo, Ruy Bentes
  • Services

    Mauro Rodrigues Pinto
  • Lighting

  • Landscape

    Klara Kaiser
  • Construction

    Alexsandro Bremenkamp
  • More SpecsLess Specs
© Nelson Kon
© Nelson Kon

Geographic conditions

The most remarkable feature of the site where the house is located is its depression, in topographical terms. From the street, we cannot clearly see its ground level because the ground surface falls abruptly into a little valley and woods: a stage 6 m below.

Planta 1° Pavimento
Planta 1° Pavimento

Corte 3 Corte 1 Planta 3° Pavimento Planta 4° Pavimento +32

Programmatic requirements

Project proposition

The different levels offered by the site were utilized to arrange the two main programs.

© Nelson Kon
© Nelson Kon

The street level was kept free of any enclosed space, it is a kind of "pilotis" with two different areas: the first one is on the ground, very close to the street, and the other one is aerial, as a roof terrace over the building. A bridge, made of steel, connects these two areas. The only entrance to the building is the bridge with its steel grid floor that leads over the open space: downstairs to the house or upstairs to the office.

The house is divided into two levels, both below the street level. Its spaces are integrated with the woods, valley, gardens, and pool located at the ground level. The house incorporates the outside nature indoors: a sliding glass door opens the living room into the terrace,creating one large space. The bedroom and the patios can also be integrated at the lower level.

© Nelson Kon
© Nelson Kon

From the street level, the office is located upstairs. Its dimensions, 3 m wide and 25 m long, making it look like a tube open at both extremities. Therefore, the windows offer new views: more landscape than patios, and more panoramic than an intimate space.

© Nelson Kon
© Nelson Kon

The "tube" only rests over two columns. Reinforced concrete supports the whole building. Besides its materials, concrete and glass, this house is essentially designed based on the site's geography and landscape. So few elements mean more concentration on the required work during its construction process. It makes it easier to control the budget and it help us focus on the necessary steps to build the house.

© Nelson Kon
© Nelson Kon
Cite: "Carapicuiba House / Angelo Bucci + Alvaro Puntoni" 05 Apr 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>
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majchers · August 08, 2015

Very nice house. Brave and refreshing concept. Congratulation.
About the only bad thing is that you might need to hire a full time 24/7 window cleaner... :)))

Fernanda Lucia Maes · April 04, 2011

achei fantástica via @archdaily

Ana Paula Verona · April 01, 2011
Leila Tomaselli · April 22, 2010

Reading: "Carapicuiba house / Angelo Bucci & Alvaro Puntoni | ArchDaily"( )

Ricky Firman Putra · January 20, 2010

like that! :)RT @anissasantoso: God, I love this house for sure!

Anissa Santoso · January 20, 2010

God, I love this house for sure!

pedro ariel santana · November 29, 2009

RT @AndreEisen: Casa em carapicuiba, dos arquitetos Alvaro Puntoni e Angelo Bucci orgulho de ter sido seu aluno!

Elenara Stein Leitão · November 29, 2009

RT: @AndreEisen: Casa em carapicuiba, dos arquitetos Alvaro Puntoni e Angelo Bucci orgulho de ter sido seu aluno!

Arq. Andre Eisenlohr · November 29, 2009

Casa em carapicuiba, dos arquitetos Alvaro Puntoni e Angelo Bucci orgulho de ter sido seu aluno!

Paula Valente · July 28, 2009

made in brazil:

PrimoDilla · June 30, 2009

Nice and creative, but nothing can ever defeat the Adams Family Mansion!

jorge · June 22, 2009

Gorgeous work! I love the perfect balance between aesthetics and structural work. It's amazing!

2MACoff · June 07, 2009

?????? ! ??? ??????????

Tony Mosley · May 26, 2009

ok, so i have found the house... all i need to do is find a hill to build it on

aufi · April 08, 2009

i see too much stairs to separate the spaces,but hey its a very nic!!

waxman · April 07, 2009

Brazilians have balls!

M. · April 07, 2009

Hey! Fair play, I didn't see it, thanx! ;)

Ahan · April 07, 2009

Hi there M.
When you open a picture, there should be two small icons on the upper right of your screen ... clicking on them you can go from on picture to the others ;)!

M. · April 07, 2009

"adorei"! but can i add a lazy-girl comment? It would be nice to be able to go fron picture to picture without having to come back and click in another one everytime...

dinofizz · April 07, 2009

Amazing! I really think this is a most fantastic piece of architecture.

Franco · April 07, 2009

It seams that brazilian architecture hasn't died with Niemeyer. Oops, he's not dead yet.

vg · April 06, 2009

Tectonics !

Ahan · April 06, 2009

This project is amazing.
I deeply encourage everyone to search for other projects by Angelo Bucci. This guy is an architecture hero

David · April 06, 2009

that's exactly the kind of project that makes you think: "Architecture is a great thing!, no matter where and when it is created."

Rokas · April 06, 2009

Very comlplex,but still-very skilfully detailed project.Its very nice when theres modernity without "shoes-box" stigma.

Jeison from Brazil · April 06, 2009

All these positive feedbacks make me proud of the brazilian architects. Hugs for everyone.

Sadia Hayat · April 06, 2009

i am mesmerised ............. its absolutely amazing

JDR · April 06, 2009

a treehouse and a cave meet Koolhaas in his experimental detailling days.

It's more than poëtic i think!

biboarchitect · April 06, 2009


LargoJax · April 06, 2009

Interesting, sure. Practical, mmmm? I would prefer a bit more privacy and not see roller shade cords (kinda spoils the clean modern look)... perhaps in an ideal world. I know - small things, but hey.

bolongo · April 06, 2009

just fantastic, it feels like the work of a first year student. and i mean that in a good way :) ... when you still dare to question things and try to reinvent architecture... also compliments to the client, who obviously dared to let go of all his or her preconceptions of what a house should be.

majchers · August 08, 2015 02:59 AM


Vladimir Konovalov · April 06, 2009

like a dream. amazing work!

hj · April 06, 2009

pure poetry...


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