KieranTimberlake: Inquiry

We recently received ’s newest book, Inquiry. Instead of listing one project after the next, as in most monographs, this book is organized around ten gerunds: bending, coupling, filtering, inserting, offsetting, outlining, overlapping, puncturing, reflecting, and tuning. This is a lovely and informative way to view their work. The reason behind the book’s organized is explained by Karl Wallick in the preface. Wallick writes, “Architecture is not exactly whole: we remember instances, elements, and details, but rarely are the experiences and sensations in architectural experience comprehensive. The context of what we do as architects is also fragmentary, even as it seeks to be resolved comprehensively. Rather than insisting on the totality of complete works, architecture might be better understood as an infinite matrix of detailed moments.”

Project Description:
An insider’s glimpse into how the natural environment, energy, the economics of construction, and the processes of collaboration inform KieranTimberlake’s celebrated practice. KieranTimberlake: Inquiry comprehensively documents the beauty and relevance of KieranTimberlake’s unique and celebrated vision. By undertaking a path of research into potential technologies that alter fabrication and delivery methods, and that influence the way we live in our environments, KieranTimberlake endeavors to reshape our expectations of architecture. Nineteen residential, commercial, academic, and civic projects are featured here, including the firm’s own dynamic studio; buildings for such prestigious institutions as Yale University, Cornell University, and the University of Pennsylvania; and the new U.S. Embassy in London.

006 Preface
008 Introduction
010 Bending
032 Coupling
054 Filtering
078 Inserting
104 Offsetting
124 Outlining
150 Overlapping
172 Puncturing
192 Reflecting
210 Tuning

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  • Paul Harding, FAIA

    This is a beautiful book about innovative work by a great architectural firm.

  • joseph n. biondo

    Agreed. A great body of work informed by the exploration of materials and systems.

  • Taylor Stevenson

    Fantastic book. Nice way of presenting and understanding the work KT has been producing over the last few years.