Vershina Trade and Entertainment Center / Erick van Egeraat

© Alexey Naroditskiy

Architects: Erick van Egeraat
Location: ,
Project Year: 2010
Project Area: 37,050 sqm
Photographs: Alexey Naroditskiy

The “Vershina” Trade and Entertainment Centre is the first five-star international shopping center in Surgut and offers space for retail, extreme sports areas, dance studios, restaurants, bars and an underground night-club. On a total gross floor area of 35,000 sqm spread over eight stories, the building provides around the clock activities for all visitors, young and old.

© Alexey Naroditskiy

The concept for the building is based on a dialectical play between dark and light, solid and transparent, open and closed. The building is equipped with an extensive exterior lighting scheme and its glass facade forms a screen onto which moving advertisements are projected. The primary cuts in the facade divide this basic mass into “sharp volumes” that allow daylight in, and radiate artificial light out at night.

© Alexey Naroditskiy
Floor Plan

These cuts are accompanied by secondary cuts in the facades, the so-called “lines of light”. The primary and secondary cuts in the building skin will allow for the building to become a beacon of light during the nine dark winter months in Surgut.


Text provided by Erick van Egeraat

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  • momo

    smells like Libeskind

  • c

    smells u say momo…more like stinks..reeks of liebeskind

    • H-J

      This is way better than the stuff (besides the new Dresden wedge imho) Libeskind has been producing this decade.

  • Ard Buijsen

    why discuss a style (which I know doesn’t come from Libeskind in EvE’s case) and the the absence of a proper urban quality of this building. The connection to the public space a limited to about 10% of the parameter of the building. It is a completely introverted building i a city. This can not be the way to go in nowadays society.

    • godryk

      This doesn’t necesarily have to be true. I think good architecture can be either introvert or extrovert, if there is justification. The enviroment doesn’t always add value to your project, due to many reasons, e.g.: program, traffic, extreme weather, security or just completely uninteresting surroundings.

      Besides this is a mall. Retail buildings tend to be introverted, the client doesn’t want the user to think very much of the outer wolrd while he’s shopping, you may like it or not, you may think that architects should push some other kind of retail buildings, but I think it’s more a tipology/client thing than an architectural flaw.

      • Ard Buijsen

        as if urban design doesn’t matter. Just architecture doesn’t do it for me. That’s why I am not a big fan of this sort of buildings (n cities).

  • biboarchitect

    calm down guys… he needs to feed his office!.. its monkey time!

  • fred

    Very nice, this is impressive. Egeraat was bankrupt 2 years ago and pulled himself back from the brink.
    Like all solid designers–Mayne, Wright, Corb, Aalto, he perseveres.
    Deserves kudos. Russia is tough enough to build in!

  • Bolton

    Oh my gosh!! This is a really great entertainment center in Russia so far. Huge selected area, fantastic building design and all kind of entertainment sector makes this center attractive to all of the viewers. By the way thanks for this expose.

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