AIA Long Island & Daniel J. Rowen Memorial Architectural Design Awards / Bates Masi + Architects

Genius Loci

Bates Masi + Architects of Sag Harbor, is pleased to announce the receipt of three AIA Long Island Awards and three AIA Peconic Daniel J. Rowen Memorial Architectural Design Awards. The AIA Long Island Awards were presented on October 19th at Oheka Castle, in Huntington, NY. The AIA Peconic Awards were presented on October 22 at an Award Symposium located at the Southampton Cultural Center in Southampton, NY. More information on the awards after the break.

Genius Loci, located in Montauk, NY, received a 2011 AIA Long Island Archi Award in the residential division and a 2011 AIA Peconic Honor Award. The jury commented the massing was interesting since a large house appeared small as a result of constructing into the hillside. They also commented that the house expressed the material and building vernacular of the area in interesting ways. Multiple paths of circulation yield in a variety of experiences and a magical moment happens at the main entry where the interior and exterior stair mirror one another. The clients were lured to Montauk by the characteristics that make it unique from other areas. These characteristics embody the “Spirit of Montauk” and the architect was challenged to design a house that would embody and capture this spirit in the architecture.

Robinʼs Way

Robinʼs Way, located in Amagansett, NY, received a 2011 AIA Long Island Archi Award Commendation, a 2011 AIA Long Island Lighting Award for a Residential Project, and a 2011 AIA Peconic Jurorʼs Award. The Jury remarked that the existing house had potential and the relatively simple new interventions made dramatic improvements and made the project sing. In this project natural rope was woven through a digitally fabricated framework between the existing post and beam ceiling joists as a single design solution that could unify the old and new. Weaving patterns were used to signify different ceiling conditions; crossed weave so lighting could permeate, straight weave to shield utilities. The rope supports a hanging mirror and chandelier. It was woven through a large sliding door to provide privacy.

Mothersill Rendering

The un-built project Mothersill was awarded a 2011 AIA Peconic Merit Award. The Jury said that it was commendable how the boardwalk structure takes a large site and divides it into outdoor rooms. The inventiveness in the new architecture harkens back to the way that Andrew Geller worked. The project is proposed to be built in Watermill, NY. Two protected, existing Andrew Geller structures, are linked with a winding boardwalk that unifies the existing landscape, existing Geller structures and the new house. The boardwalk defines the site and becomes the floor, ceiling and walls of the proposed new house.

The architectural firm based on the East End of Long Island has been practicing for the past 47 years and has completed a range of projects including residential, institutional and commercial located around the world.

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