AND-SuperPress-SuperBla Office / Naço Architectures

© Xu Wen Lei

Architects: Naço Architectures
Location: ,
Project Area: 80 sqm
Photographs: Xu Wen Lei

With this project, we wanted to create a pure space, free of any material or color: a blank canvas for ideas and creation. The entire space is white (floor, walls, ceiling, furniture) to create surprise to visitors. It is a platform open for splash of creativity, as the companies using the space are avant garde in their working methods too.


Red is a powerful color, it represents passion, emotions, and creates a vibrant dynamic in this office. We didn’t want any soft calm colors, but rather punchy and electric tones. Colors used in the space are all very energetic, very bright and dense. They will evolve month after month, because the office is not static. Ideas change, colors will change too. They represent splashes of energy, and creativity.

© Xu Wen Lei

The eddied ladder is the vertical connection to both floors, it also creates a new working environment: up and down, instead of just left or right. The birdcage offers exactly the effect we wanted to create: surprise, astonishment. Because the office of tomorrow doesn’t need to look like a standard office, we wanted to bring home elements to the space: bird cage, table lamps, etc… The aim is to bring more emotions, and a kind of nostalgia of childhood. The cage has no bird: because ideas can not be captured, they need to be free.

© Xu Wen Lei

In the working environment, we wanted to create a space where every single object or furniture is different from a standard grey office. Each team member works in a circle, so they each have their own space, but at the same time they all belong to the same large circle, the “galaxy” of creativity. Nowadays teams are used to change project very fast. In this configuration, changing the teams is very easy, as everybody works on laptops.

© Xu Wen Lei

We didn’t want to create any enclosed or private space in this office, because the team is quite small at present, and brainstorming should be their daily work habits. They should work in teams, and constantly exchange ideas between themselves, with clients.

© Xu Wen Lei

The strongest part of the project is how it looks from outside. A pure white office, yet warm and welcoming. It is a small office, but still so many people stop by in the daytime and want to know more about it. This is the best achievement as a designer: to make people ask questions. We designed this office for a creative team starting up a new business: Superpress, Superbla, And… is a galaxy of services linked to medias and new technologies. It gives a vision for tomorrow, so it should make a strong statement.

© Xu Wen Lei

Text taken from and interview to Marcelo Joulia

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