Farshid Moussavi Architecture wins French Residential Complex

© Farshid Moussavi Architecture

Farshid Moussavi Architecture has just shared their winning residential proposal for the La Défense financial district to the west of Paris with us. The new 11,000 + square meter building is part of the larger urban renewal project, La Parvis Jardin de l’Arché, which links La Défense and les Terrasses de Nanterre. The design’s slender volume – which contains 7,500 sqm of residential units, 2,930 sqm of student accommodation and 1,000 sqm of retail space – is comprised of slightly rotated floor plates that produce oblique balconies and loggias. The shifting form builds upon the site’s visual connection to La Grande Axe, providing uninterrupted views down the historic boulevard. The winning project marks Moussavi’s first built work in , as well as FMA’s first major project since the dissolution of her previous firm Foreign Office Architects with co-founder Alejandro Zaera-Polo.

More images of the winning design after the break. 

© Farshid Moussavi Architecture
© Farshid Moussavi Architecture

Cite: Cilento, Karen. "Farshid Moussavi Architecture wins French Residential Complex" 12 Oct 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 27 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=175585>
  • Morteza Davari

    that’s great!

  • jeremiah oonyu

    The idea of the slightly rotated floor plate is very awesome. Beautiful

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  • Luis

    La defense deserves something more sutle. It is just a “good” idea in the wrong place, or the wrong idea for the right place

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    …Simple but beautiful…..

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    Makes me want to drop my pants and take a dump whilst stroking my dog’s balls.Lovely!

  • Randy

    you know you are a moron, right, Farshis?

    • ZubydaA

      I think the last comment is a disgrace! Farshid was my tutor at AA and she was amazing, to call her a moron is pure ignorant and shameful to you! You should be shamed Randy!

  • محسن ده بزرگی

    very beautiful , she’s great iranian architect

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  • Farhang Faal Noori

    i like this design

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    thats really good but i wished it had more pictures!

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      salam man to zamineye maskony faaliat mikonam va mayelam ba shoma dar khareg az iran hamkari konam. sho ma mayelid?

  • omid

    very beautiful , she’s great iranian architect