Video: Mediating Mediums – The Digital 3d

Greg Tran shared with us his amazing video, ‘Mediating Mediums – The Digital 3d’. The video was the Thesis Prize Winner in Harvard Graduate School of Design 2011. You can see the short version above, and if you want to check to complete version, you can watch it here: Mediating Mediums – The Digital 3d (Full Version).

“Architecture has always been the medium which defines the spaces we live in, but with the emergence of Digital 3d or “augmented” technology, immaterial stimuli is beginning to encroach upon those spaces. Thus far, digital forms have few relationships to their material context, but there is interesting potential for their interaction. Digital tools act as an infrastructural and informational prosthetic, but will be most profound when they tie back to the human body and engage the built environment.”


Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "Video: Mediating Mediums – The Digital 3d" 16 Sep 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 May 2015. <>
  • Ben

    I love this and I love how clearly it is presented. Nice work!

  • ted

    this is what won the thesis prize at GSD? this is just one more piece of evidence that architectural education in the U.S. is totally bankrupt. I now realize how fortunate i was to be taught by real architectural educators who are being pushed aside by baby boomer deans, terrified of being seen as irrelevant, so they hand the schools over to the tech savvy gen-x’ers to prove that they are still on the cutting edge.

  • Bobbie

    The plural of medium is ‘media’, unless referring to clairvoyants!

  • Adarsha

    Congratulations Greg, It is an awesome work and brilliant imagination. Your way of presenting this whole idea is also work studying.
    Stunning job…

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