Win a Richard Meier Designed Ana Watch

Italian architect Ernesto Rogers once famously stated that he wanted to design everything from “a spoon to a city”.  Pritzker Prize winning architect Richard Meier has done nearly that with his newly designed wristwatch, which becomes part of the prolific collection of objects designed by the architect.  In collaboration with the Markuse Corporation the Meier designed Ana Watch adheres to a modernist vocabulary, focusing on proportion, human scale and the manipulation of a strong geometry. “Working on various designs of objects used in daily life, such as watches, I am conscious of participating in a tradition of architects that worked in a variety of scales such as Joseph Hoffmann and Frank Lloyd Wright. In my case, the theoretical point of departure is consistently related to function and beauty,” said Richard Meier.

We want to know your opinion about architects and product design. For you, what is the importance of the architect’s ideals provided in a compact form? Leave us your answer in the comments below, and among all the registered users who comment, thanks to Markuse and , one of our readers can win this exclusive watch.

You can become a registered user right here, and make sure to share with us your comment by Sunday, September 18th.  More information about the Richard Meier designed Ana Watch along with official rules can be found after the break.

For nearly 30 years the Corporation/Projects has dedicated itself to celebrating the role architecture and design play in our daily lives. From its very first watches, designed by icons of twentieth century architecture, Projects has brought a new face to the telling of time.

The Ana Watch measures 38mm in diameter (1.50”), and is made of a stainless steel, complimented by either a 20mm (3/4”) charcoal gray or white leather band. The model number of the Ana with Gray band is 6020 L and the model number for the white leather banded version is 6020 W. It is available at most museum stores worldwide and online at

Official rules:

One winner will be chosen at random from entries received between Monday, September 12th and Sunday, September 18th 11:59 EST. You must leave a comment as a registered user at ArchDaily. Open to anyone in the world. One entry per person, ArchDaily will enforce verification and remove duplicated ones before choosing the winner. The watch will be delivered by Markuse.

Update: We are now processing the comments and will announce the winner in a few hours!

Update 2: The winner is David Benson from North Carolina, US.

Cite: Minner, Kelly. "Win a Richard Meier Designed Ana Watch" 12 Sep 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 25 May 2015. <>
  • Scott Lagstrom

    fitting – it’s white and pure. focuses on it’s one function of telling time while the “chained” perimeter emphasizes the constantly changing and moving time.

  • bobby veylupek

    I’ve been in love with Richard Meier and his Design since my Architecture Academic days @ University of AZ. Meier understands Geometry, Proportion, Beauty, and Function as well as any Architect in the History of the Planet! He’s easily on my top 5 list of ALL TIME DESIGNERS! His Knowledge, like other MASTERS of DESIGN Transcends the Architectural Built Environment–He makes Beauty with His Buildings but Exposes the Structure in such a way as to Let us see the Inner Strength and Integrity of the whole Experience! He does this with His Industrial and Furniture Design as well! Why not tell time TOO!

  • Annelise Scholl

    The best perfumes come in small bottles. Compact + Design = luxury !!!

  • Toshe Andonov

    Give me the watch!! The perfect gift for my girlfriend. Although I’ll have to buy her a book on Richard Meier, also, so that she can understand what a privilege she has :)

  • Francisco Gimeno Alemán

    Nice design, a perfect gift for my wive, give it to me =)

  • Maria Jose

    Hola desde España!
    encantados de participar en vuestra web!

  • Annelise Scholl

    The best perfumes come in small bottles. Compact + design = luxury !!!

  • Carlos Torres

    I believe that architects are, at their core, designers. As such, it’s perfectly understandable to see architects design products outside of what’s expected (spaces and structures), and to see their ideals and ideas embedded in these watches and (why not) spoons.

  • Valery Yudin

    He would better keep design buildings, imho. I like Meier as an architect but I don’t like this watch at all.

  • http://archdaily keshav

    tremendous outfit

  • Noorulhaque Mirza

    for the watch:D:D:D

  • Noorulhaque Mirza

    i hope i would lucky one IA:P:D:D

  • Rodolfo Franco

    yiei!!!… i hope win one!!! :D

  • Trevdor

    If someone would like to know why this watch works, all they need to read is “Ornament and Crime”. Just as Loos recognized that the times were changing, it’s important that we recognize the times as we are in now. In a world dominated by ‘pop’, more than ever do we need to focus on timeless design.

  • Jeffrey Kemp

    Simple and understated, with detail revealed upon closer inspection…Pretty nice watch.

  • Joseph Lee

    Awesome~ beautiful watch!

  • Lee Hou

    It seems nice! And i mean every word of it.

  • saimira

    uaauuu i’d like to win this watch… will be like having sth of the r.meier’s’s an unic ocasion for me!thanks for this opporttiuniti!from albania^___^

  • Cody Jenny

    Very simple and elegant! I enjoy the white and silver sophistication.

  • Ana Pietras

    Simple just like our names!

  • Andi Lo

    Nice watch. in for 1!

  • Patricia

    Love it! Simple yet so elegant!

  • Vitor Lucas

    I’d love to get one of those.

  • Clara Sola Morales

    One of the greatest designers of all time designing time!



  • Nina Ružičić

    Purity and clarity of style is what I’ve always been looking for in final projects. Whether it is making spaces come to life or trying to give everyday stuff an inner glow. It’s all about making a strong statement and stimulate a response. Siplicity is what we need in today’s overcrowded world.

  • mart

    design is form+function. some architects are better at form, others better at function. same goes for industrial design, graphic design etc. while the criterias are different the thought process is virtually the same. i think any good designer can apply the same thought process to create everything from a spoon to a house, but as with anything, the result will be liked by some, hated by others. personally i dont like the watch, it looks cheap and timid.

  • Bryon Joyce

    The simplicity of the design allows the viewer to take in all of it’s beauty without being overwhelmed with too much “clutter”. It allows the eyes to gradually move across the piece without feeling as though your eyes are bouncing from one corner to the next in a random pattern. The idea of creating a structure, or a time piece, that draws a viewer in for a closer look, and perks thier interest to see more is what architecture is about.

  • alina

    meier is great as an architect, but this watch… I doubt it’s his design… maybe one of his interns’ :-P

  • Adib Hackmeh

    The secret is in small details… The Arch. Secret should be his knowledge in all kind of details and tech and to be updated on daily progress…