Hurricane Proof Housing Proposal

Hong Kong based architect Ted Givens of 10 Design has recently unveiled designs for tornado proof and proof housing. With the recent earthquake and events that have hit the eastern seaboard of the United States, it seems a fitting proposal for urban clustering on a residential scale.

Hurricane House © 10 Design

Typically, housing located in areas subject to hurricanes are elevated above the ground. However, Givens notes that this fails to take into account the velocity of surge waters and the grinding power of debris. His solution takes an opposite approach by burrowing the house into the ground with a set of hydraulic levers activated by high velocity winds. Once submerged into the earth, the roof locks to ensure a wind and water tight seal. Construction of the house utilizes a sandwich skin system with clear insulation, which allows for diffuse light to enter through the semi-translucent building envelope.

Tornado House © 10 Design

Givens envisions whole neighborhoods connected through sensors that would be able to safely disappear underground in a matter of seconds in the event of a hurricane. His philosophy for this design is to respond to nature rather than seeking to dominate it.

More than just a paper project, 10 Design is currently developing a prototype with a consortium of ship builders in the United States and Africa.

© 10 Design

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Photographs: 10 Design

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  • ale gaddor

    are you kidding me??????

  • auto

    It must work, look they have a fluid dynamics simulation with pretty colours.

  • pimpyboy

    Quake laughs at this

  • up_today_arch

    no words… cool)… dream for future) but this kind of concept moves this world forward)

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  • auto

    Yeah I agree, its imaginative and atmospheric – but typical of architect designed ‘solutions’ it does’t bear any relation to the real world.

    Its not any kind of solution – just more entertainment.