In Progress: Bicentennial Civic Center / Lucio Morini + GGMPU

Courtesy of Studio

Architects: Lucio Morini + GGMPU
Location: Córdoba, Argentina
Client: Government of the Province
Collaborators: Julia Garayoa, Adrián Castagno, Verónica Gordillo, Diego Andres Gómez, Mariana Pelliza, Guadalupe Daher, Cecilia Villareal, Luciana Antonucci, Agustín Elies
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 21,380 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of Lucio Morini Studio

The Bicentennial Civic Center is located on the former property of Ferrocarril Mitre. The new civic center will house all of the Public admission employees of the province of Cordoba as well as the convention center that will equip an adequate space for congress and events in the touristic city of Cordoba.

Site Plan

The two buildings that make up the civic center project are physically separated by a proposed road, which appears to be an extension of the new bridge that crosses the Suquia River.

Courtesy of Lucio Morini Studio

The project site demands the construction of a new road to link itself with the city’s existing road network. One of the project goals was to minimize ground space used for the project. Once completed, the project will use only 20% of the maximum density possible allowed according to the municipal law.


The two buildings of the new civic center include a tall tower which houses all of the activities related to public administration and a lower building which houses activities of the Governor, Attorney State and General Secretary. The lower building also has an auditorium and is the location of the Governor’s private residence.

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