AA Visiting School in Muscat

Courtesy of (AA)

The Architectural Association (AA) Visiting School, which provides an opportunity for visiting students, young architects, recent graduates and other creative individuals to participate in a form that emulates the school’s famed ‘unit system’ – that is, through a highly-focused short course pursuing a shared agenda of collaborative design, study, research and performance, will be holding an event at the German University of Technology, Muscat from September 10-22.

In order to develop theoretical, as well as practical, contributions to their discourse, the workshop will have as its methodological focus the form and idea of the pattern – patterns are seen as a means of translating the performance, as well as the appearance of historical structures into new concepts. More information on the event after the break.

Heuristic and algorithmic thinking and advanced computational methods will be introduced as a means of investigating patterns and developing new solutions. These will also take into consideration aspects relating to manufacture, assembly and constructability. The aim here is to apply these solutions at various scales, from facades and individual buildings to cities and whole regions.

has been both circumspect and farsighted in its approach to development. In terms of recent events in the region, this approach has proven to be a successful model. Massive population increases, a decrease in fossil resources, climate change, lifestyle change, economic change, and growing tourism are all part of a fluctuating set of parameters that challenge ’s approach to development.

Urbanization sits at the center of these parameters: the search for an environmentally and culturally appropriate architecture and urbanism in Oman is one of the most important ventures.

For more information, please visit their website here.

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  • http://www.busafi.com Busafi

    I will be taking part in this workshop. Really looking forward to it. It is disappointing though that I didn’t receive a detailed program!!!! and we are only 3 days away.

  • http://Www.busafi.com Busafi

    Yesterday was the last day of the Muscat – AA visiting school. It was an amazing experience especially seeing the results of the workshop in the exhibition. The visitors were astonished by the amount of work in 10 days, and the creativity that resulted from simple materials. I am really hoping that this will trigger some sort of design experimentation in Oman (Muscat).