AA Visiting School Paris

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AA (Architectural Association) Visiting School Paris, currently led by Jorge Ayala, Principal of [Ay]A Studio, will be held from October 31st to November 10th.

The Visiting School has started to acquire some recognition among emerging units at the AA due to its novel agenda aiming to bridge the spectrum of Architecture to the realm of Fashion.

AA School Paris has been established based on a series of partnerships that have been of a great value and support for the AA School London. Among them we currently have printed magazines, venues and institutions supporting us like : L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui, La Mairie de Paris, Musées des Arts Décoratis, among others. More information on the event after the break.

Courtesy of Architectural Association (AA)

BUILDING FASHION is today the only cutting-edge course in Academia worldwide focusing exclusively on novel approaches to the [fashion + architecture] emerging practice.

Courtesy of Architectural Association (AA)

Fashion scene is not only a collection of captured images, but rather an ensemble of socio morphological forces connecting people, catalyzing experimental, open-ended design. Fashion and its affinity for transformation is a complex terrain of architectural identities, scenery and performance. These dynamic spaces are the field where vanguard ideas yield. From right within fashion’s creative nexus AA Visiting School Paris foster integral spatial qualities by harnessing the surprising typolo¬gies intrinsic to temporal bodies, fluid matter(s), and singular proportions. On the edge of couture’s technologi¬cal transformation, BUILDING FASHION aims at rapid prototyping templates that stage sharp, raw, urban, experimental and alien spatial apparel logics.

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For this new season, topics are concerned with the acquisition of appropriate knowledge and understanding of the in-vogue association [FASHION+ARCHITECTURE], supported by the mastery of essential digital skills which will equip and prepare AA Paris participants toward physical experimentations. To this extend, Building Fashion will develop a two-fold laboratoire: Computational and Physical Investigations.

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The Computational Investigations Lab is an interdisciplinary design-research laboratory where -through digital based investigations- students will engage with the study of generative and evolutionary design strategies in fashion. The Physical Investigations Lab focuses on the study of physical performance and manufacturing of novel spatial repertoires. Physical prototyping will become an important instrument to the understanding of processual design- its improvement from the outset and along all phases of development. Alongside our intensive design input, the workshop is addressed by a series of high-end lectures, debates and presentations by forward-thinking guest designers, entrepreneurs and internationally renowned participants.

Courtesy of Architectural Association (AA)

The Paris Experience

From the programme kick-off, the multicultural active Parisian framework facilitates live learning through sitevisits to the practices of the most important fashion designers in the globe. Furthermore, AA Paris Headquarters offer a highly stimulating cultural environment which provides a broad yet intensive introduction to a palette of fashion, design and architectural -analytical and theoretical- backbones. The workshop includes an insight retrospective to the twice named “British Designer of the Year” Hussein Chalayan’s wearable portable architecture to be held at Musée des Arts Décoratifs. BUILDING FASHION is strengthened by a large network of Parisian Patronage, from industrial, publishing and collaborative links, taking the form of sponsoring inputs to the course.

The workshop is open to current architecture and fashion design students, phd candidates and young professionals. The deadline for applications is October 20th. Application forms and additional information are available on their website here.



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