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  • 14 Mar 2009
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Katsuhisa Kida / FOTOTECA

Principal use: Residence
Building site: Hatano-shi, Kanagawa,
Site area: 298.59m2
Building area: 107.65m2
Total floor area: 96.89m2
Number of stories: 1F
Architects: Tezuka Architects - Takaharu+Yui Tezuka, Masahiro Ikeda, Daisuke Sanada
Architectural and Structural desing: Tezuka Architects + MASAHIRO IKEDA co., ltd

Lighting design: Masahide Kakudate (Masahide Kakudate Lighting Architect & Associates, Inc.)
Construction: Isoda
Design period: 2000.3-2000.8
Construction period: 2000.9-2001.3
Photography: Katsuhisa Kida / FOTOTECA

This house boasts chairs, a table, a kitchen and a shower on its rooftop. Each family member enjoys his own skylight, from which a ladder gives access to the roof.

Katsuhisa Kida / FOTOTECA
Katsuhisa Kida / FOTOTECA
Roof plan
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    Awesome, they designed the children’s bedroom with an entrance to the highest side of the roof. 3560mm: they took the proverb living on the edge literally.

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    i like the idea. i don’t know about the rooftop kitchen though. and there doesn’t seem to be any protection against people falling off the roof.
    but it’s nice to see that space used for something.

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    (I like it that theres no railing on the roof, it would ruin design and feeling you experience by siting on the edge :)

    I like it a lot, simple and clean design.

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    The concept is great, the execution was even better. i love the simplicity and the direct approach to the execution. this kept the purity of the concept without any extras.

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    roof house, un sitio para llegar al cielo, para incrementar el potencial del suelo, descriminar lo vertical e incedir en lo horizontal, un limite que se extiende y genera contraindicaciones al permanecer, al desvanecerse y encontrarse en otro horizonte, pasar de diferentes mundos o cielos, como los tres cielos que habla la biblia, donde el ultimo cielo en este caso es el encuentro de la familia, una tradición familiar vuelta arquitectura.

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