BAM!’s Venice CITYVISION Concrete Island Spectacular!

Venice CITYVISION First Prize - Alberto Bottero, Simona Della Rocca, and Valeria Bruni. Courtesy of Venice CITYVISION Competition

Bottega di Archiettura Metropolitana aka recently won a Bjarke Ingalls-judged urban design competition for proposing to deal with the Venice, ’s rising water problem… with giant concrete bowl islands!

BAM!'s floating island scheme, courtesy of Venice CITYVISION Competition

Sure, the scheme neither addresses how the existing city should retrofit itself nor does it work out some key technical concerns–how does one move from one bowl to another? what happens when the bowls fill with water?–but with renderings so incredibly beautiful why besmirch oneself with such trivialities?

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Cite: Jacobson, Samuel. "BAM!’s Venice CITYVISION Concrete Island Spectacular!" 17 Sep 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 19 Apr 2015. <>
  • Duarte

    There are two ways to destroy venice: the nature and the man. Big is not a big thing to judge several years oh history.

  • Small

    “A Bjarke Ingalls-judged urban design competition”

    Haha, this is too funny, the way you wrote it; shows how BIG is more important than the competition itself.

  • mayra

    An explosion is also Spectacular!… the question is: is it good?

  • tsiruot

    Is AD promoting BIG or the winner?

    These are old news: it was already published in this website on July 20…

  • hbernstein

    on another blog someone mentioned, it would look like an old OMA or Rem Koolhaas project. Does anyone know which project he meant?

  • Nizball

    @ Duarte: there are 3 ways to destroy venice: the nature, the man and BAM! And the panels layout is totally the same as Rome City Vision winner’s proposal. Next time: less renderings more ideas!!!

  • simon

    for hbernstein, above–

    Swimming pools in Delirious NY.

    Water floating on water.

  • jono

    The competition was to address the rising water problem of Venice.

    If you add volumes of concrete into a body of water. Wouldn’t that raise the water levels even further?

  • Mikko

    “If you add volumes of concrete into a body of water. Wouldn’t that raise the water levels even further?”

    The waterways of Venice are presumably connected to the Mediterranean. I don’t think anyone is going to build a bowl big enough to raise the level of the Mediterranean Sea or the Atlantic.

    That said, the bowls would probably affect the flow of water locally during a storm surge or such.

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