Harvard Reaches 50 LEED Certified Projects

  • 23 Aug 2011
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The U.S. Green Building Council has recently announced that Harvard University has achieved a worldwide first – the construction and completion of 50 LEED certified buildings. It is also a great feat for an institution as large as Harvard. They were able to successfully coordinate a decentralized campus with separate buildings that each have their own organizational structures. Read more about the five lessons they learned along the way after the break.

The first is to set aggressive and logical goals. One of the main priorities is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2016. In addition, it has become a priority to ensure and unify standards for all construction on the campus.

The second lesson is to engage the community. Harvard currently has over 200 faculty, students,  and staff that review and approve proposals, including future building occupants. This ensures that a wide spectrum of the community is able to voice their opinions.

Focus on the development of sustainability tools such as the Life Cycle Costing calculator guarantees projects  that are economically and environmentally responsible are prioritized.

The Harvard Office for Sustainability functions as a catalyst for change by engaging with and providing opportunity for the local community.

Lastly, Harvard emphasizes and celebrates the success of the leaders in sustainability roles. Their roles are recognized in the Annual Green Carpet Awards.

For more information, visit the Harvard’s Office for Sustainability.

Photographs: green.harvard.edu
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