09FDIP / Spaceworkers

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Architects: Spaceworkers
Location: Lordelo, Paredes,
Principals in Charge: Henrique Marques and Rui Dinis
Project Team: Rui Rodrigues, Sergio Rocha, Pedro Silva, Vasco Giesta
Finance Director: Carla Duarte
Engineering: Stru Concept
Project Area: 4,000 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Images: Courtesy of Spaceworkers

A “factory”for the city … A space to do things …. anything! Simply do things … Communicate. Communicate with the World … Know … Learn in a fun way!

model 01

A building that needs to dialogue with the city. An organic block, which gently lands on a square … A kind of constant sensory challenge that appeals to the discovery, experimentation, to a new way of experiencing this amazing city!

diagram 01
diagram 02
diagram 03
diagram 04
diagram 05

A space where the physical boundaries of the site are diluted in the geometry of the shape and permeability zones created by the balance sheet, reinforcing the desired fluidity of the surrounding urban space.

section 03

The building looks like a massive form, modeled on the basis of foreign relations to enhance, easily seized at car speed and able to stimulate the curiosity of passersby, in a constant game of seduction between “show” and “hide”.

Courtesy of Spaceworkers

The interior is thought of as a kind of continuous functional spiral around a huge central void, exploring an idea of ​​transparency, diluted in a lacy structure (suggesting the branches of trees in a dense forest), making the perception of different spaces possible and be a constant invitation to the movement and the discovery of spaces that are visible.

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  • ale gaddor

    don’t do this at home!

  • H-J

    Sweet project, only don’t like those diagrams.

    • callmecritical

      seriously….. what on earth are those supposed to mean!?!

  • chris p

    nice project, very well worked out, although a bit empty in plan and section. thumps up.

  • Ohoud

    First image reminds me of the UK Pavilion at the Shanghai expo

  • aa

    i can see this kind of form being use all over archdaily

  • Conway Pedron

    so there are like 20 diagrams to essentially just say that there is a funky shape with another funky shape that is booleaned out of it that gets pulled to allow traffic to go under it? bit overkill…..

  • Mike

    I don’t wanna be mean, but this is bad. Really bad! And it’s when you see a real architecture masterpiece like Siza’s swimming pools (just scroll down a bit) that you realise how bad this project is.

    A bunch of (pretentiously) cool diagrams + a few sexy renders ≠ good architecture!

    Speceworkers please go away. Don’t ruin the Earth! It’s the only one we’ve got.

  • borislav

    why is that copy of BIG greenland museum here ?

  • Johanna

    beautiful images but plans are a bit awkward to say the least…

  • joão silva bastos

    horrible stuff! don’t copy BIG, he’s one of a kind… start by studying Corbusier, Mies and Siza and then choose you own way!

    • http://www.n2xarquitectos.net Pedro Furtado

      os Portugueses deviam evitar comentários deste tipo… é uma vergonha! o projecto não é de facto genial mas bastante aceitável em relação aquilo que vemos aqui publicado diariamente.