Techno Group Headquarters / Symbiosis Designs LTD

Courtesy of Symbiosis Designs LTD

Symbiosis Designs LTD recently won the design competition to build Techno Group Headquarters in , . The building massing concept creates a negative space that would be a certain interruption to the continuous street frontal façades, hence a specific and differentiated visual field is announced where the void becomes a captive. More images and brief project description after the break.

Courtesy of Symbiosis Designs LTD

The negative field is the primary focal point staging majestic trees. Through the building’s homogenous material expression, the steel structural skin is also a grounding continuum and an assurance of rigor, visual noise reduction and simplicity.

Courtesy of Symbiosis Designs LTD

The austerity of the building exterior is quickly balanced by the softness of the floating and humming wooden clouds on the inside. The visitor’s path is treated as a celebratory narrative or scenographic revelation of the con- tents and values of the client. The building interior is constructed to offer pure and simple working halls that balance light and shade and drive at reducing visual noise, offering pensive spaces and very synergetic working environment.

Courtesy of Symbiosis Designs LTD

The building concept brings all building elements into a rigorous concealed framework. Redundancies are collapsed into single expression tidy within the structural skin and floor assembly reducing unnecessary articulations. Its seamless assembly stands representative of a sophisticated design and fabrication industry, that of the client. A unique resonating form along with a captive void and prevailing balances were the sought after expression.

Architect: Symbiosis Designs LTD
Location: Amman, Jordan
Client: Techno Group
Project team: Khalid Nahhas, Ramiz Ayoub, Abed Al-Qader Tarabieh, Rasem Kamal, Rami Naffa’
Land area: 2,000 sq. m
Built-up area: 12,000 sq. m
Project year: 2011


Cite: Furuto, Alison. "Techno Group Headquarters / Symbiosis Designs LTD" 31 Jul 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 27 May 2015. <>
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  • 60swantyouback

    Horrible. Haven’t we progressed beyond the boring, unimaginative, psuedo-Modern design? The only thing this building inspires is the design for an air conditioner.

  • ?

    where got boring ? I think its good ler . aiiya .

    • Wan

      You think this is Singapore website to speak singlish?

  • Jean Lee

    Brilliant simplicity,magical balance between austerity and dynamic features and perfect choice of materials. This building really redefines the concepts of minimalism and modern architecture.


  • skrilax

    i really like it – very good proportional minimalism. it brings me to mind the architecture of silence a la moneo, zumthor or de moura. keep it up guys!