Hollywood House / wHY Architecture

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wHY Architecture shared with us an interesting project for a house in Hollywood, a series of spaces contained by a single stripe, alternating between open and closed.

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The House That Film Made

Recognizing the profession of the clients and the site of the house where so many Hollywood legends have lived, the design originated by exploring the potentials of residential space created within an unending band of a single material; as if the rooms are wrapped and embraced within a continual strip of film. The undulated wrapping of the strip overlaps and departs to differentiate spaces, shape windows, skylights and gaps for natural light and air to flow through the entire house. The design uses strategic borrowed sceneries aimed for specific views from this Hollywood Hills location down towards the city.

Cite: Saieh, Nico. "Hollywood House / wHY Architecture" 28 Feb 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 23 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=15270>
  • os


  • juno

    is this a student’s project…far from reality

  • lm

    this is not a project… just an ugly 3d model

  • Lulu

    I find it rather fascinating.

  • One


  • me

    why everybody is making thepresentation so same? That “trandy” electronic music, monochromatic style and so on.. Anyway, it’s interesting project in general

    • Peter K

      Learn to spell you idiot

  • asteriod

    very clearly

  • joana

    i find it very nice!

  • stiggywiggy

    @ os/one: …zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    very constructive comment.
    your intellectual level is impressive, keep on!

    @ Im: this is not a project… just an ugly 3d model

    highglossy, superanimated renderings (that you probably mean)are only necessary for folks who are not able to read plans and who can‘t get the architectural quality of them.
    But also they can support the idea and here they do it in a nice abstracted way (without Porsches in the garage and 20 barcelona chairs fe).
    By the way, handmade models are the best 3d-models you can get.

    I like this project because of it‘s developed folding and the innerspace qualities (light,views), and the models are showing the idea of it and the good qualities in it, wether its a student project or not (what should be worth in it)!

    What i don‘ like are some dark »one-ways«, f.e. in the 1st floor core, but maybe there windows above the horizontal section.