Lefevre House / Longhi Architects

Architects: Longhi Architects
Location: Punta Misterio,
Principal in Charge: Luis Longhi
Project Architect: Christian Bottger
Project Manager: Carla Tamariz
Collaborators: Hector Suasnabar, Ysa Jamis
Construction: / Hector Suasnabar
Project year: 2006-2008
Constructed Area: 530 sqm
Photographs: CHOlon Photography

Conceived as the place where the arid Peruvian desert meets the Pacific Ocean, this beach house located at Punta Misterio 117 km. south of Lima, is an intervention where the integration of architecture and landscape was an important concern.

Sand garden roofs act as the extension of the desert; lap and recreation pools connect the ocean with the house, while a glass box hangs from the structure symbolizing architecture between sand and water.

Cite: "Lefevre House / Longhi Architects" 11 Mar 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 17 Sep 2014. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=15205>


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    What a location! What a house! Congratulations for the architects and the owner.

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    Simply STUNNING!

    Don’t they have significant seismic activity in Peru!!?

    What a way to go…

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    I think it questionable the rights to build in such places, it seems to me most of all wealth and not 1 or 2
    Regardless of the quality of the project and work in question
    I regret that so

    penso ser discutível os direitos de construir em locais deste género, parece-me mais património de todos e não de 1 ou 2, independentemente da qualidade do projecto e obra em questão
    lamento que seja assim

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    Carla, Christian, Lucho

    Well done. It’s good to see that you guys are doing interesting work. The ohter day I also came across your proposal for the evolo competition, this is what peruvian architecture needs.
    All the best from London…

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      Hi Philippe!

      It was nice to hear from you, thanks for your comments and good wishes.
      I hope you can get this message!


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    We could also call it… Longhi´s Ego House.
    There is no integration with the landscape, the house is competing against it. I mean, its a lovely place to visit, but i think it would be impossible to take the look out of that house-thing.

    Come on! Was it built onsite or did it just land there?

    Love to see Peruvian architecture over Peru.

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    The house is amazing and the integration is stunning, i do not know how some people can say it is not.
    Congratulations, it is a vivid reflection of the good work and lessons from Baracco studio at URP.
    I hope that more and more peruvian architects will start to show themself in the international architectural websites and competions.

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    Очень нравится. Замечательный дом. Супер. Спасибо Arch Daily.
    Very like it. Great house. Great. Thanks Arch Daily.

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    Martin and Lex, envy indeed made you produce those ridiculous comments. Don’t you see the context of the rocks and cliffs??? Especially when looking from the shore. And the sections express that beautifully. How more contextual can you get??

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    I’m not crazy about the staircase, or the homologous mix up of mini skylights. The interior integration, exposed stone, is nice. Some views do depict it as conflicting with the landscape, but overall it’s a beautiful house. Good job.

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    Real subtle, Longhi.
    i agree with the comments regarding a lack of context and sensitivity. This monster looks like it could bully its way onto any site.

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    I was able to visit this house during its construction and I would say that this house does pretty well in its integration to site. Compared to the other homes in the development, it is site specific. The images/drawings do not show how steep that cliff actually is.

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    Beautiful house. I think the sand shelves and pools as a connection to the landscape are quite a stretch and would have rather seen more engagement, but I think that the interior is beautiful and much more successful

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    the location is excellent and architectural work is gr8 … any one would like spend time in this place..

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