Rectangle of Light / Jun Igarashi Architects

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Architects: Jun Igarashi Architects
Location: , Japan
Project Area: 71.54 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of Jun Igarashi Architects

The parcel is located in the north of a city named Sapporo, where the housing block is split like a grid. Surrounded by 3 buildings, a tiny parcel that contains about 100 sqm was left over. On the east side of the building, there is a promenade with an old growth poplar forest which acts as a windbreaker. While these trees don’t have a direct influence over the parcel itself, they indirectly contribute to the building standard law, which requieres an inevitable set back distance, reducing the usable space within the parcel to 40 sqm.


In the northern section of the building you will find the stairway, the bathroom, the landing, and other various spaces will be arranged in the north of the building. This is a Buffer zone between the public space and the private space. Behind it, the living room floor is -600mm lower than the surrounding rooms.

© Courtesy of Jun Igarashi Architects

With the decision to make a semi basement, the ceiling of the room becomes higher. I designed a Buffer zone, like a porch, and a big bay window in the south of the LDK. Between the first and the second floor there is some duckboards, and a large bedroom on the top floor.

© Courtesy of Jun Igarashi Architects

This house doesn’t have any window to regard the outer scenery; however, according to the building standard law, some windows must be placed in the building. The windows are covered by a fiber plastic board and, and the ventilation windows are covered by a wooden board, which is the same material as the exterior wall.


In the southern section of the building, the light collects in the rectangle allowing only the reflecting light to shine back into the living space.
But in the back of this rectangle, its light’s origin shows face and changes little by little into another characteristic thing.

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  • Pawel Urbanowski

    Japanese perfection – great work, nonetheless I would never ever jump on this platform hung in the kitchen

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    ladders as circulation? really?