AD Futures #3: NRJA / No Rules, Just Architecture

This week on AD Futures, :

I found this practice thanks to the recommendation of one of our readers who sent me this video. After watching it, I had a good feeling about next generations.

Fresh ideas, a young team (average age is 25)… actually building those ideas! That´s NRJA (No Rules Just Architecture) a practive based in Riga, , founded by Uldis Luksevics in 2005. As a young office they have a very strong statement, that can be seen (or felt?) on their projects. They feel passionate for what they do, while being professional and always trying to go beyond than  is allowed or required – hence “No Rules Just Architecture”.

But I think their statement describes it better:

Our approach is active and we get inspired by creativity and competence of the world around us. Most of our work we get through invited competitions where we always try to propose more than is allowed or required.

That is what NRJA stands for – No Rules Just Architecture.

In our opinion there are two very important “P” `s, which are essential in architecture – positive attitude and professionalism. The main thing is to try to feel and love truthfully and to do things which we really want to do, and to be and to work together with people with whom it is good to be together. That is why there is a place for good music and good books, good relations and good meals in the process of architecture. The process itself is like a game between us, our client and building institutions.

NRJA is currently involved in more than 15 different design proposals starting with a high-rise Z Towers in Riga, several large scale multifunctional housing and mixed-use projects, as well as development of a new town square and wharf in a seaside town Pavilosta; W5, a giant block of flats, which includes marinas and boathouses, situated on the waterfront of the lake Kisezers; B200, a seven storey residential housing complex, residential housing in Kipsala, on the bank of river Daugava, as well as other commercial and residential buildings.

Instead of featuring all the projects on this article -and on the next AD Futures features- we are going to present some unbuilt projects here, and on-going/built on separate articles.



Location: 40a Kr.Barona str, Riga, Latvia
Type: competition 1st prize, commission
Object: multifunctional complex
Size: 4400 sq2
Status: ongoing
Year: 2007- 2009

Elevation - LEDUS / NRJA Typical floor plan - LEDUS / NRJA LEDUS / NRJA LEDUS / NRJA

This building is located in the historical centre of Riga. Envisages the creation of multifunctional, modern building. Concept: Ice. Ice – as a geometric city sculpture. Ice -partially transparent, translucent material, synthesis of white tones and the texture. Ice is locked in a memory.


Location: Matrozu str, Kipsala, Riga, Latvia
Type: commission
Object: residential/ office
Size: 14 300 sq2
Status: ongoing
Year: 2008-2009

6-storey residential/ office complex with a yacht wharf in Riga by the Daugava River. Expressive volume array designed so that each apartment is provided with max viewpoints to the port. Each volume is designed as a module 8x8m, 2 level height, bearing structure – framework.


Location: Dzintaru str, Pavilosta, Latvia
Client: Alda valks, Ltd.
Type: commission
Object: apartments/ yacht wharf/ new city square
Size: 550 sq2
Status: ongoing
Year: 2007-2009

In Pavilosta – a small seaside port town – a new city square as well as the necessary infrastructure for boat quay is designed. The building, designed as small private apartments for sailors, is partly deepened in the banks of the river. City square is located above the ground; the landscape concept is adopted from Pavilosta city typical block-structure, which becomes the principle of dividing functional zones in the square.

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  • Nico Saieh

    For me, the best AD Futures we’ve featured. Congratulations to the NRJA team!

  • Rj

    catchy song is catchy

  • lauris

    what is the name for the song!

    super brojs! lai izdodas z-torņu celtniecība, starp citu, vai pašreiz tā nav iesaldēta? (līdzīgi, kā pārējie Latvijas projekti)?

  • NMiller

    coolest…office promo…ever.

  • temple

    no architecture , just advertisement

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  • clumsy

    Apsveicu NRJA ar publicity šajā prestižajā WEB žurnālā!

  • metalurgs

    NRJIZER —— Supreme dj who has been known to mix for over five parties during the same time period useing teleportation and time travel. Can also levitate and use bio slime when he gets angry. His only weakness is super spicy chili which distracts him from his mixing. :)


  • Arman

    Everything looks good on the menu.

    Now, let me see those buildings…

  • Denise

    the song:
    The Karminsky Experience – Exploration

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  • João

    well, I agree with Arman…let’s take a closer look at them… but they have something I’ve always dreamed about: a team working TOGETHER… it’s a good starter… keep up guys…

  • christos

    all look nice looking but having a closer look at LEDUS project then you realise that this project is a good project for a first year architecture student….the planning has problems with space..too much waste of space for one bedroom flats, three bedroom flat living spaces are much smaller than the one bedroom, try to put a full set of sitting arrangement, project would not pass fire authorities since there is no fire escape stair, balconies seem to dissapear from plan? sircular columns are huge and strangely everywhere!!!

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  • don

    When I saw the video and everything I had high expectations for this team, but I’ve looked into the plans. The pixels project is full of nonsenses, rooms only accessible if you fly, doors that collide with the furniture (when it’s easily avoidable), etc. The ledus project has another kind of problem, it’s designed as if the designer had’nt studied architecuture, there’s a a disproportion with the rooms, and an homage to the columns that are where they shouldn’t be

  • christos

    yes, i “agree” with “AD round up”…….”no rules NO architecture”…..

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  • Babatz

    Just one word (but a bit late) :

    S-T-O-P !

    Are you guys blind ?