Regium Waterfront Project by Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid is working on her latest project in , in the Mediterranean city of Reggio Calabria. The project includes a museum and a performing arts centre on a sea strait that separates continental from the island of Sicily. The centre will be visible from the Sicilian coast.

See the latest images revealed by , here.

Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "Regium Waterfront Project by Zaha Hadid" 09 Feb 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 21 Sep 2014. <>


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    She’s a fucking cloud!!! How can people say that she’s an amazing architect???! she’s a bad designer… and nothing more!!!

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    Zaha Hadid has a unique character and she is an architect who has proven her architectural trend , I advise instead of making fun and being rude , try to learn from her success and prove yourself as an architect.

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    so boring.
    when was it last time that zaha did impress with a real building? i mean a habitable building!

    no more chewed bubble gums please.
    lets hope the international crunch halts useless iconic aRCHITECTURE (small ‘a’ intended).

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    So absurd.
    I like also habitable buildings and this is nothing more than an “acid” project with no commom sense, what a way of wasting money , thanks the crisis has arrived , maybe now designers that do not bring nothing good to people will be removed from the scene.

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    zaha just doesn’t extrude plan n do makeup by cladding t with other materials, she has her own style,buildings review different forms from different angles, people watch t for a movement n they feel the monument space..which s good

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    semplicemente orribile!!!
    … come distruggere il paesaggio dello stretto che tanto dovremmo difendere!
    Questo progetto a reggio non lo vogliamo!!! nè tantomeno chi lo sostiene !

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    I like it its by the sea near a port it looks like the hull of a racing yaht for example look at a wolly wacht this is a town on the water with big port. I think it works well and the italians have great styl and they have made the right decission. well done Zaha!

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    sooo beautiful!!!
    why all of you are hating it ????
    come on people….
    I know it`s alittle bit repeated and the same of other projects of her…… but is also beatiful and has an artistic side…..

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    actully this building is for italy’s people. so it isn’t something repeatedly …
    design is for the peoples, not for other architects to critisize :-)

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