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  • 24 May 2011
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As an all-electric vehicle, the Ecco has no emissions of its own, and can be quickly charged at a standard 240V station. But when used for extended living purposes, even where no electricity is available, its built-in photovoltaic panels and solar sail roof mean that it can cut out the middle man, and charge directly from the sun.


Freedom is all about the pioneering spirit that takes you where you want, when you want, without a worry about how much a full tank will cost or harm the environment. Freedom means a spontaneous trip to the country or to the sea with friends which may last a day, or a week. While we may have gotten caught up in chasing the ultimate driving machine, the Ecco takes us back to a simpler time. A time when life was about treading lightly, both on the road and off.

The Ecco’s promise:
Zero emissions. Zero guilt. Unlimited space to dream.


Following on the heels of design classics like the Airstream or VW camper van, the Ecco gets passengers to their destination, and becomes a temporary home when they get there. Compact, stylish and aerodynamic while on the road, when it is parked, the Ecco expands to provide a level space and comfort than its fore bearers could only dream of.

The exterior is a harmonious blend of precision aluminum and glass. Its direct and sculptural form cheats the wind while pleasing the eye. While a bit wider than its Volkswagen predecessor, the Ecco’s form is more aerodynamic, and the vehicle rides closer to the ground. The result is vastly improved interior volume, wonderful sight-lines for all passengers, and less wind resistance to boot.

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  • Alex Prodan

    Slick design…a very nice concept

  • j.armand

    Even pure concept pieces need an element of practicality. With zero ground clearance you’ll be lucky to get to the grocery store and back, much less the ocean or the wilds.

    • R. Girard

      are you talking about this car or the Obama’s one? :D

      joking aside, I don’t get where are the batteries and the engine…

  • Katsudon

    Nice…vehicle concept!

  • Daniel

    Innovated Idea!

  • bLogHouse

    This concept car is about freedom,right?
    Let’s see:
    -No bumpy roads with its clearance of just few inches
    -No narrow roads with its width of 8 1/2 feet
    -No parking on 8-9ft parking stalls
    So, what freedom are you talking about?

  • Mttig

    Fantastique!!! :)

  • Britney

    where’s the scrolling wheel?

  • Did Gigazuri Daud

    coOL ;) love iT <3 freedom @