DETAIL Magazine: Digital Processes

I recently read Detail Magazine’s latest issue about Digital Processes. The issue is divided into three parts. The first part deals with digital planning technologies that include mapping techniques for analysis, terrestrial laser scanning, and geographic information systems among others. The second section delves into digital production technologies such as CNC laser cutting, hot wire cutting, and jointed-arm robotics. The final piece brings these together by showcasing six projects that utilize these technologies. In its totality, the issue is a good overall look at the present and future opportunities digital technology offers the profession.


7 Introduction: The Evolution of Digital Processes

Digital Planning Technologies

14 Geographic Information Systems
16 Analysis Techniques—Mapping
18 Simulation and Optimization
21 Computer-aided Architectural Design (CAAD)
24 Rule-Based Planning—Parametrics

27 Digital Capture—Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS)
29 Project Room—The Transparent Project
33 Digital Interfaces in Construction
41 Legal Challenges in the Context of Digital Planning Processes

Digital Production Technologies
46 Generative Procedures
46 Rapid Procedures
50 CNC Precast Concrete Elements
50 Robot-aided Assembly of Individuals Elements
52 3D Printing on a Large Scale
54 Subtractive Procedures

56 CNC Laser Cutting
58 CNC Jet Cutting
59 CNC Hot Wire Cutting
60 CNC Milling
61 Jointed-arm Robotics
62 Forming Processes
64 CNC Bending Edges
66 CNC Punching and Nibbling
68 Pressure Forming

Project Examples

72 Digital Generation of a Supporting Structure
74 The Sphere at Deutshe Bank in Frankfurt
76 Pedestrian Bridge in Reden

77 Rolex Learning Center in Lausanne
82 Hungerburg Funicular in Innsbruck
86 National Temple of Divine Providence in Warsaw
92 Taichung Metropolitan Opera House in Taiwan

105 Glossary
107 Literature: Reference Books and Articles
108 Manufacturers, Companies and Academic Institutions
109 Picture Credits
110 Index

Moritz Hauschild
Rüdiger Karzel

Martin Berchtold
Klaus Bollinger
Manfred Grohmann
Holger Heilmann
Philipp Krass
Arne Künstler
Martin Manegold
Heike Matcha
Shozo Motosugi
Christoph Motzko
Oliver Tessmann
Axel Wirth

Ante Ljubas
Sara Darvish
Christoph Kühne

Editorial Services:
Cornelia Hellstern, Nicola Kollmann, Eva Schönbrunner

Editorial Assistants:
Katinka Johanning, Peter Popp, Verena Schmidt

Cover: Paperback
Pages: 111
ISBN: 978-3-0346-0725-4

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