Linda a Velha Primary School/ CVDB Arquitectos


CVDB Arquitectos has shared with us their proposal for the Linda a Velha Primary School in Oeiras . Follow after the break for additional images and a brief narrative from the architects.

Courtesy CVDB Arquitectos

Goal: to develop public space through the integration of the different parts of the program and its relation with topography.

Courtesy CVDB Arquitectos

By grounding the building through its library and hosting the school on the upper floor we develop a public park on the ground floor, whose limits the building defines, which allow us to bring public life into the visual (but not functional) core of the school and thus creating public space that serves the surrounding neighborhood.

Courtesy CVDB Arquitectos

Consequently, by locating the school and kindergarten in just one level we easier its functional organization, avoiding up and down movements inside the school, and directly connecting the whole floor with the leveled playground on the upper side of the site.

Site Plan
Cite: Jarz, Hank. "Linda a Velha Primary School/ CVDB Arquitectos" 17 May 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 25 May 2015. <>
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