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Courtesy of MinDay

The Wedge House is a seemingly simple, yet efficient three-bedroom house that uses structural insulated panels and stack-effect cooling to reduce energy consumption by the house year-round. It is originally designed for a site in , by Min | Day.

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Courtesy of MinDay

Covered with a simple shed roof, the exterior unfolds into an interior complexity that provides a dynamic range of between each of the spaces. The slanted roof allows a variety of sectional conditions to develop between the public spaces of the house, while also differentiating between areas for public and private use.

Courtesy of MinDay

The house opens up into a spacious mud room that doubles as an airlock in cold climates. One moves through compressed spaces into the Kitchen & Dining areas that open up to a garden where views of the site may be framed. At this transition the flat ceilings give way to exposed beams giving the Living Room an unexpectedly tall, grand space.

Courtesy of MinDay

A large skylight and interior shutter to a second floor bedroom / office provide soft light and connectivity between levels. From the central Living Room, one can continue through a blind door in the cabinetry to a Master Suite with a private outdoor garden, or up the bookcase-lined stair to two additional bedrooms and a bathroom.

Courtesy of MinDay

The façade of the “wedge” is clad in large, corrugated panels of Ondura while the square garage is clad in corrugated translucent polycarbonate panels. A wood surface wraps certain floors, walls and ceilings to thematically separate public and private spaces as it winds its way through the house.

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