Barin Ski Resort / RYRA Studio

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Architects: RYRA Studio – Abbas Riahi Fard , Farinaz Razavi Nikoo
Location: Shemshak, ,
Project team: Ashkan Bagheri Aghdam, Navid Nasrollahzadeh, Yaser Karimian, Hamed Tabesh, Soroush Alipour, Hesam Raoofpanah
Project area: 60 sqm
Project year: 2008
Photographs: Persia Photography Centre

© Persia Photography Centre

In the fall 2008 we started designing interior of Barin Resort at the same time we were working on the exterior of the project. Barin is located in the heart of mountain just about 1 kilometer from the Shemshak ski resort ,the second largest ski area in Iran after Dizin and about 55 minutes drive from Tehran. Here, nature is so impressive that we decided to take this as a demonstration project which investigates the interface between nature and architecture.

© Persia Photography Centre

This purpose of the project is to show new ideas that help in modifying the relation between architecture and nature without blindly repeating vernacular models or copying imported historical styles .It aims to reach that the logic product of any architectural design process should be free and flexible formation responding to the surrounding forces. Natural forces here were Snow-covered landscapes as the characteristic feature of the region and the fluid lines of mountain embracing the building. In design process we were also inspired by Igloos, the shelters which are built by native arctic residents’, but here topographic layers instead of ice blocks are put on each other horizontally to make a domical form. Thereupon this was a Combined Metaphoric Design which used both natural and human-made objects as inspiration sources to achieve its final form.


Here, all the project necessities are defined in the main body to provide the space purity and integrity, resembling when snow lies on the ground and homogenates all the things from different colors and shapes.

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  • ali asadi

    congratulation! Ryra studio!
    for this nice project

  • Arash Dailami

    Congratulations!nice to see your project here in Archdaily.Of course here you’ll be judged much better.

  • up_today_arch

    it is chalenge of course, to transform regular appart. to such impressive solution…

  • negin

    I am pleased to see new Iranian work published on arch daily.
    I think there are some contradictions in the design objectives and precedents of this project. You say you do not want to “blindly copy vernacular or imported historic styles.” I don’t think you’re considering what you’re saying here, especially when you then reference the Arctic igloo as your inspiration, which is an imported historic style. It’s also a shame that the igloo and snow-like interior is contained within a box, which is slightly dishonest and not really akin to the way that “nature” shows itself, but which may have been a decision based on financial issues or planning issues? which is understandable. I think if you’re serious about the relationship between architecture and nature then ideas must be pushed further as this is still a bit of a one-liner. Depends how seriously you take yourselves though. Not a bad start.

    • RYRA

      We are pleased to see Iranian criticize works here, but we will be more if they do it correctly.
      Igloo like hut and tent is a type of shelter with a generic method not a historic style, You should know about Historic Architectural Styles which have a clear definition- a classification method which emerges from the study of the evolution in history of architecture- they begin with prehistoric styles and lead to ones like Blobitecture today. However, the main issue here is not the “Historic style” but “blindly copying, which has no similarity with metaphoric design. What we did here was using igloo as a reference, the use of ‘references’- images of natural and artificial forms- is frequently discussed in accounts of architectural designing. All discuss the use of references as visual analogs and metaphors.
      And about the second issue, this project was referred to us when the structures and ceilings were built. Thus this box was what we had at the first step. Obviously ,if we could design it since beginning, the result would be different ,but it was a challenging case for us to transform a cubic form to something more relevant to its location and function.

  • Hamid Moghadam

    i like this project & congratulation for iranian architect

    • ehsan nikdel

  • alireza es

    although you have wasted alot of space but the space is attractive.i like your ideas.

    • Amir

      At first ,It looks like this as I thought so,but after studying the plan you can see closets ,draweres and other equipments for living there are placed in the crust.The most occupancy happens in uplevel where is useless space…well done!

  • sara

    Congratulation RYRA Studio!!im so glad to see Iranian projects in ArchDaily! i hope to see more!!!

  • mohsen kazemianfard

    You guys have done a great job… hope to see more…

  • masoud

    why you dont show the exterior of the project.i saw that.i think its looklike antoni gaudi project.but its good……..

  • Cluadia

    Amazing ….It is like a statue which has been elaborately carved out of a block.

  • elanora

    Lovely project !Creating a memorable experience for winter holidays…

  • Ali

    It’s more than great to see such works from Iranian architects, perfect !

  • Adel

    Thanks archdaily so much for publishing iranian architecture.This project wants to show new ideas but sometimes new ideas make the life worse for people who wants to taste these ones.

  • Shabnam J

    I too, was pleasantly surprised to see innovative work created by Iranian architects. Now lets see more where that came from!

    As an American born Iranian I have wondered where the Iranian innovators are, and why we don’t see more projects by Iranians pushing the envelope… so congrats to RYRA studio for this one. Now I know where to stay when I go snowboarding in Iran!

  • Amirali

    Congs guys! Glad to see Iranian contemporary architecture with such levels of standards being exposed at this scale. I do appreciate your concept and the care you put in finishing both exterior and interior details. keep up the good job!

    P.S: it would be nice to see your website up and running.I’m trained as an architect in UK, currently based in Iran and thought it would be nice to develop further professional connections ;)