Nieuw Leyden / 24H > architecture

© Boris Zeisser 24H

Architects: 24H > architecture
Location: , The Netherlands
Project team: Maartje Lammers, Boris Zeisser with Olav Bruin, Anja Verdonk, Albert-Jan Vermeulen, Floor Kokke, Valentine van Dam
Project area: 380 sqm
Project year: 2011
Photographs: Boris Zeisser 24H

© Boris Zeisser 24H

Within the urban plan of Nieuw Leyden, design two ecological houses. The building block consists of 18 houses, designed by different architects. There are no regulations of the beauty commission, so the future owners are free to design their house, as long as it fits within the provided building envelope.

© Boris Zeisser 24H

The density of the area is high and the width of the street is minimal. To provide its inhabitants with maximal daylight during the day, a so-called ‘canyon’ is introduced. The canyon flows through the house and encloses the stairs. It’s orientated in a way that light falls to the lower floors.

© Boris Zeisser 24H

The walls of the canyon are used to divide the house into the necessary spaces. No other walls are placed thus the canyon is present in every room. Where desired, the canyon becomes transparent and filters the daylight. Where needed, it’s closed and allows toilets and bathrooms to be placed behind its walls.

ground floor plan

The facade is an echo of the canyon. Where the canyon is projected, Corten steel is used instead of the certified wood that is applied to the rest of the facade.

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  • 北斗の拳

    simply awful, please let the breaking wheel turn again

  • Robb


  • drejer

    strangely agressive reaction to a really fresh building,@北斗の拳. small efficient house with considered details, great baths, beautiful staircase. what else could one hope for – intelligent comments?
    really great use of wood on the facade (and the little courtyard), it sings!

  • jan

    This is really awfull. Lots of sincere effort resulting in poor outcome. Forms without a reason and sense, using unconvinient materials.

  • Fab

    Leiden (or Leyden) is in the Netherlands, not in South Africa.

  • op

    omg! this is terrible…

  • Blackpanter

    I like this one! It’s new art nouveau… Form don’t need always strongly racional reason, we are irracional so why form souldn’t be?

  • Frits

    It’s nice to see that you can also find your inspiration in bowl of spaghetti when you’re designing a building.

  • jimmy

    There’s a fine line between ornament and decoration. The “spaghetti,” as it has been aptly decribed, is not imbedded in the architecture but instead is tacked on. This is not ornament, like we think of in art nouveau or in Sullivan’s work. It does not orginate from any architectural purpose or behavior. It’s decoration. The windows and siding are all orthogonal and uneffected geometrically by the spaghetti. Unfortunate, really, because it seems well crafted and configured. But the spaghetti is forced, and some how still stuck to the wall.

  • Ryan

    Pattern-happy and busy…
    Must’ve had access to a CNC machine and wanted to use it really badly.

  • Allan

    House is nice, place is wrong.