Private residence in Geneva / Charles Pictet

Architects: Charles Pictet Architecte FAS SIA
Location: Colony,
Collaborator: Anjéla Aubert, architecte DPLG
Engineering: ESM, Jérôme Ponti, Genève
Project Year: 2003-2005
Photographs: Francesca Giovanelli

Standing on a steeply inclined plot of land, this house articulates its layout of over 800 sqm in two volumes. The two-level residential area in light-colored masonry is set on a dark-hued base that neutralizes the slope of the terrain and houses the building mechanicals. The facades are made of colored in-situ concrete. The exterior woodwork is made of oak.

Cite: "Private residence in Geneva / Charles Pictet" 11 Jan 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 25 May 2015. <>
  • Contemporary Art

    It could be nice to see more pictures, but from these images this looks like a lovely home. I like the way it’s set into the landscape, and the two-toned exterior is subtle but complicating (in a good way).

  • roadkill

    i’m with CA on this one… let’s not get standards slip here. More images [photos and drawings] are always welcome when looking at good projects – more details please if you can

  • Kim

    WOW It looks so much like it could be anywhere. Very coffee table architecture.

    Seeing the photos, I wouldn’t like to cook alone in that kitchen, or maybe it’s a picture of the corridor (maybe the client has a cook). Reading the plan, I don’t like so much to have ensuite without windows, there’s about 3 bathrooms on the first floor without any view to the wonderfull landscape. Wonder if the architect could publish as well pictures of the building during winter.

  • john smith

    simple & elegant. Love it.

  • Darian

    WOW You always tried too hard to look smart, Kim.

  • Kim

    Darian, I am not a robot affected by the tourrette syndrome, I know very well that behind these pictures there are guys that have worked hard. To be critical is not to just drop a stupid comment, like so many kids do on Youtube.

    Haven’t we learn to have constructive comments between peers in our profession ?
    Is it too difficult to raise the level of the internet, above insults and trolling?

  • Carlo

    i agree with kim. we forgot to discuss architecture seriously, considering the ideas behind the “cool” shapes and images. Actually this particular building is quite mediocre. The surface area assigned to distribution and corridors is too big. the big area around the stairs has no spatial quality. the entrance area is quite narrow; you drop into a closet door, which is not very nice. not to speak of the balconies, that are just inadequate for a single family house and there is hardly space for a chair or a table. The bathrooms are rather claustrophopic. You could compare them to a bathroom in an economy hotel.

    I acknowledge the efforts, but i miss spatial complexity. It is too neat and proper.

    I really do not like it.

  • sebastian

    i don’t care if a building could be anywhere.

  • odris

    i totally agree whith Carlo.

  • George

    looks very well done – would love to see more interior pics!

  • Rokas

    Architecture looks very precise…But I agree-it’s”deja-vu”.Its not about shape,or as someone says”modern-box”,Modern box isnt bad.But when I see it,I think-”I saw it already somewhere”

  • alois

    talking about complexity, it clear, this house is reduced to the minimum but I guess this guy knows what he’s done. if you check his website and for ex. his house in frontenex, he knows how to deal with that issue in a pretty good way.

  • fred

    i just wrote an entire spiel, but then thought, “why the hell does anyone care what it think?”

  • Eboll68

    Here are a few extra pictures of this beautiful building (please respect the copyright).
    Enjoy them!