Cabin Verdehaugen / Fantastic Norway

Architect: Fantastic Norway
Location: Fosen Coast,
Contractor: Åbygg AS
Constructed Area: 77 sqm

The cabin is situated on the top of a rocky hill at the outermost coast of Fosen (Norway). The building is carefully placed and designed in relation to the local terrain, the panoramic view and the specific climactic conditions in the area.

A variety of sheltered outdoor spaces enables a dynamic and social relation between the cabin and the surrounding landscape. In addition to this, the design aims to address the traditional, plain and pragmatic building culture in the area.

Cite: "Cabin Verdehaugen / Fantastic Norway" 25 Dec 2008. ArchDaily. Accessed 16 Sep 2014. <>


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    Merry Christmas… thanks for this late Christmas post, great to see you are still at work making sure we’re all informed about the latest architectural news – maybe the new year you can have a section for jobs and the this baby will be smoking!

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    Love it, scaled for humans – the angular and ragged edges of the roof mirror the surrounding rocky hills nicely.

    Can you just imagine waking up to those sort of views?

    They don’t get much better placed than this.

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    A great example of what to do with an amazing site and rich context and yet remain contemporary. The built furniture makes for a good level of scale for a coastal cabin, however giving one of the larger decks a little more depth would have enabled it to support a greater range of activities.

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    Such a great house in such a beautiful scene and the owner is oblivious to it all. It must be an engrossing book, as she has not noticed her child ran away….

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