Cultural and Spiritual Russian Orthodox Center in Paris / DATA Architectes


Data Architectes has submitted their project, a proposal for the Cultural and Spiritual Russian Orthodox Center in Paris. Additional images and a short description from the architect after the break.

Courtesy DATA Architectes

Two large signs announcing the spiritual and cultural center of Russian Orthodox Paris:

A bar extends compatible with the spirit of the Avenue Rapp then closes the overall composition of the island along the Quai Branly.

Courtesy DATA Architectes

A hexagonal cone in the center of the garden inspired by the sublime wooden churches of the Russian far north. It contains the place of celebration of the believers.

Ground Floor Plan

These two nested objects are merged by the extensive use of stone in Paris.

Floor Plan

Architects: DATA Architectes, Hauvette et Associés
Location: Quai Branly, Paris,
Project manager: Raphaël Masson
Project Team: Eloïse Bosredon, Pierre Floch, Edouard Guyard
Client: Fédération de Russie / représentée par Nexity
Project area: 5,000 sqm
Cost: 25 M€
Date: 2011

Cite: Jarz, Hank. "Cultural and Spiritual Russian Orthodox Center in Paris / DATA Architectes" 23 Jan 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 29 May 2015. <>
  • Elie

    very nice… clean and sensitive! no pseudo-sceintific BS, no gymnastics… This is Architecture!

    • Robb

      No, that’s a blatant rip-off of master Peter Zumthor; only he is the originator and this is pathetic plagiarism. Sometimes i’m in awe that the judges even consider this kind of practice, and dont sanction the non imaginative talentless cffices.

      • jonas

        So what? does he have some kind of patent on the composition of bricks? Looks like a decent project to me.

      • Jaron

        Grow up, betch.

  • robert leo smith

    Another imitation from Kolumbia Museum – Peter Zumthor – Köln, Germany

    • Sam75

      you are talking about the facade or the whole project ?

  • mintoro priyadi

    beautiful art, do inspiret