How much do architects earn per hour?

I was asking myself this question a few minutes ago, so went online to do some quick research and Googled “How much do architects earn per hour?”.

The first search result was (pictured above) and the answer caught my attention.

Based on these points, How much do you earn?  (1) How good do you think you are, (2) How many people demand your services, and (3) how much you feel you can charge. Feel free to answer in the comment section below.

Cite: Basulto, David. "How much do architects earn per hour?" 05 Jan 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 20 Sep 2014. <>


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    Women are also architects and they also would like to know how much they get paid.

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      I noticed the same discrepancy in the image above. Whatever “he” makes, “she” always makes less because income is kept behind closed doors.

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      I don’t think you really understand the concept of $per hour

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      Actually if your rate of pay is $40 per hour then that equals about… $40 an hour based on no matter how many hours you work.

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    unless you are Santiago Calatrava, you will be making nada’ with this handicap economy!! Its a shame! Its a shame i tell you how this career field is coming to a vanishing point with less of prestige and appreciation. I think i agree that Architects make less money regardless of their skill.

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      yes i agree,how would you exercise your ability and skills if nobody can afford to have project because of the economic recession? not all architect has their opportunity to perform their talent so it depends on the economic status..

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      I would argue that more prestige equals less pay. Here’s why:

      Our pay as architects is set, like everything else, based on supply and demand. Generally speaking, the reason why architects get paid so little for the highly skilled, important, essential work that we do is because the supply for architects outweighs the need for architect. On the other hand, I know plumbers that make significantly more than most of the architects that I know. Why is this? Because architecture is a much more prestiguous field than plumbing, so more people want to do it. With more graduates in the job market, firms can find people to work for them for less money, and with more firms bidding for projects, they will need to be agressive about keeping their fees as low as possible.

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        Thats poppycock. Look around you, architects are needed everywhere, especially in cities, just like computer architects are needed everywhere. The difference in that architects, to their own demise wait for clients.

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      Nice hobby or obsession – terrible profession. terrible pay.

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    My boss drives a Porsche – we come by bike.

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    Switzerland: 17 Euro brutto as an architect with three years of practice and an ETH diploma

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      That sounds more like a starting architect in Switzerland. Generally it is higher than this, no? Aren’t there somewhat standardized pay-tiers in Switzerland.

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    In Belgium, Architects are 95 % self-employed, “fake status” because every body is working in offices and get paid brutto 18 euros / h after 5 years of pratice.
    The solution in belgium to get better paid, leave the profession or the country…

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    I get paid US$ 150,000 per annum (20 years experience)
    Someone with 7-9 years experience (and good) US$ 80,000
    newly qualified starter $30,000

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      starters/students/new immigrants work 3-4 months for free
      Then the salary will be: 25-30,000 $ per annum Tax ~ 25%
      5 yrs experience: ~50-55,000 Tax ~ 35%
      10+ yrs experience: ~ 70-80,000 (TOP!) Tax ~ 35%

      No wonder a lot of people move to US.
      For a lot of people on this board it might look like a good money. But given the level of Canadian prices (cars, food, homes) this is on the level of being “very poor person”. Survival mode.

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        I’ve never heard of some starter or student working for free…
        Usually they start at 13$/h the lowest rate.
        the other rates I agree with you in adding 10,000$ more, at least in Quebec. (of course minus 30% tax)

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        I moved to USA from Asia with a masters in architecture (RIBA 2), first salary in a small residential firm was $14 /hr., then after 6 months I got another job for $20/hr. and the the recession hit!!!! was out of work for nearly 2 years! then start working freelance for $25/hr. and then got a Job n an architectural product development company for $21/ hr. and now with 3+ years of experience and 4.5+ years of experience in related fields I still earn $21.5/hr. well its no easy living in Los Angeles like that!

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    Well, I think that it also depends on how much does the society appreciate architecture!

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      that is unfortunately not true…

      if we take the netherlands and spain as an expample you will discover that even though they are both renowned for the quality of their architecture the pay is terrible there

      the higher the prestige and the appeal of the profession is, the more architects there will be (also considering how many foreigners migrate to these countries to work) and the pay will be greatly affected

      so the quality and the pay are often inversely proportional and you often have to chose between the pay and the fun unless you start your own firm which i recently have

      in canada (montreal) with ten years experience and good skills you can expect between 30 and 40 an hour
      as an employee

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      Dear moghari
      Hi.I am Alireza Moradi and am an Architect in Iran-Hamedan.I have 10 years experience az a disigner and the manager of need to your information about architecture and woking and salary in canada .please help me about it.i appreciate it befor.
      Best Regards

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    £14.20/ hour as an architect assistant at a large international firm. Is that ok in London?

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    In Italy the young architect have a strong life. Start with a long practice free, after 1 years: maybe 4-5 €/h+tax, and after 3-5 year: 1300 €/mouth + tax.

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    in poland 3euro/1h after diploma. with 5 years of experience u may earn even 5euro!!! u’ll laugh – but come and visit us, and see how hell on earth works. in poland it works perfectly. u won’t work for 3 euro? no problem. there’s always a fool that will work for 2euro. bloody true

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      Your forgetting to add the 200euro a week that a lot of poles are getting from claiming dole in Ireland while living in polska!

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        i totally believe, but it can be worse, trust me.
        in Albania, the pay per month (for architects of 3-6 years experience) is from 300 to 450 euros per month.

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      similar in portugal, i started earning 2.69€/hour (459€/month) right uoutside university. Now, 3 years of experience I’m on 6€/hour… enough for a standard living in portugal I guess

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    Worked in london as a mason and carpenter 500 pounds a week, now i am an architect in argentina, 400 pounds a month…

    cost of living in london 1000 pounds a month… 50% of what i earn

    cost of living in buenos aires 500 pounds a month… i still need 100 and i live with my mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dont complain about crisis everything is above the microwave!

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    I think it really depends on a person. it’s not like a corporate job, you can be young and good, start your own office, win some competitions and get big projects for big money. or you aren’t that good , or you’re afraid to be on your own, so you have to work in a big office for less money. or you’re totally bad, don’t get any good job and blame the society.

    architecture is really good in it’s universality. if you’re good and good in english, you can work anywhere in the world. Or much easier than doing other business in some totally different country.

    answer: be good and brave, you get a lot of money. be a coward and get not so much money

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    Serbia- 200eur on hand/per month! Not legal, no insurance, beginner, working every second Saturday. Monthly rent for flat 120eur. Still alive!

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      If you have luck to find job.. Nowadays in Serbia, young architects have to search for alternatives because job in profession is almost impossible to find.. Not to mention normal job with basic employee rights..

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    depends on skill and experience. First work slave-labor on near to minimum wage at renounced firm. Then, start your own firm and net 8-12% of build cost (excl. tax/expenses). You need good acquisition skills off-course.

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    Land: Germany (East)
    Office: 20 employees
    Status: employed as project architekt (no free lance)
    Expertise: 7 years of experience (3 years by the office)
    Work time: 40 h per week
    Brutto (before taxes): 12,5 EUR/h (26.400,- EUR/year)
    Netto (after taxes): 8,0 EUR/h (17.500,- EUR(year)

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      Excuse me, what are costs of living
      in Germany for a month?
      And in which part of country are
      the best opportunities to find a job
      as an foreign architect? Thank You!

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    Netherlands: EU 1800/month bruto (fresh graduate), standard for same educational level, other profession is around 2200+ as a fresh graduate

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      this is more or less true, if the fresh graduate has the luck to actually find a real job.
      If not, they can accept an internship of max. 400-600(if also lucky) euros… :)
      nice world ….

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    Hi from Croatia…we’re lucky If we have a job :)…its about 6 euro per hour…(average payment 900 euro per month)…average square meter of new apartment its about 1800 euro (just for navigation!)

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    Australia 6 years experience project architect 51AUD/hr or 38euro/hr less taxes in small firm for 40 hr week

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      never seen anything offered at that pay.
      i would say closer to $25/hr for short term contract.

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    Can you eastern euro’s give any indication of cost of living? Having lived in Dublin for a while, a good night out would cost 150euro.

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    in iran you have to work one year for free
    after that 250$ per month for young architects
    but exprienced architects earn more money (up to 4000$ per month)

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