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Sergey Kuznetsov


On World Bicycle Day: 22 Inspiring Architectural Cycling Projects

Nowadays bicycles are not only used for sports or as a recreational activity, as more and more people are choosing bicycles as their main means of transportation.

Architecture plays a fundamental role in promoting the use of bicycles, as a properly equipped city with safe bicycle lanes, plentiful bicycle parking spots, and open areas to ride freely will encourage people to use their cars much less.

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Retail Stores Under 100 Square Meters: Examples in Plan and Section

Designing commercial spaces has historically been a challenge. In these environments, spatial distribution plays a fundamental role, even more so if we have a few extra square meters. With this being said, the study of these spaces in plan and section can be a great starting point. It not only allows us to analyze the logistics and circulation of customers but also helps us find efficient variations and innovations that will enable your store to stand out from the others.

Below, we've selected a series of 25 examples in plan and section that can help you understand how different architects faced the challenge.

Russian Pavilion at 2016 Venice Biennale to Examine the V.D.N.H – Moscow's Soviet "Amusement Park"

The Russian contribution to the 2016 Venice Biennale has been revealed to be "an account of how the V.D.N.H. (the 'Exhibition of Attainments of the National Economy’)—a unique complex in both scale and architecture—is being transformed into a multi-format cultural and educational space, accessible to all." Entitled V.D.N.H. Urban Phenomenon, the show will examine the park's global significance "given that the whole world is concerned by the question of how to develop society’s intellectual potential and how to create effective mechanisms for cultural assimilation." Following the Biennale, the exhibition will be permanently relocated to the V.D.N.H. in Moscow.

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Electra BikeHub / Andrey Ukolov + Ekaterina Osipova

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Saint Petersburg, Russia