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"Briefly": a Documentary About Design's Least Significant Piece of Paper

00:00 - 30 September, 2014

When we evaluate the work of architects and other designers, we often treat it as if the design was created in a vacuum. It's easy to forget that the vast majority of designs emerge from a collaboration between the designer and their client, and when it comes to the design's success the input of the client can often be as important as the work of the designer. This creative relationship can be a difficult one to navigate, yet it is usually held together by a single document: the brief.

Released today, this half-hour documentary by director Tom Bassett entitled Briefly takes a long hard look at the brief, with architects Frank Gehry and David Rockwell, industrial designer Yves Béhar, illustrator and author Maira Kalman, marketing executive John C Jay and creative executive John Boiler all pitching in their experience with creative briefs, and recounting stories where, for better or for worse, the brief had a major effect on their work.

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The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Interior / Rockwell Group

00:00 - 15 March, 2011
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Interior / Rockwell Group, © James Medcraft
© James Medcraft

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  • Architects

  • Location

    Las Vegas, NV, USA
  • Category

  • Founder And Ceo

    David Rockwell
  • Principals

    Edmond Bakos, Tucker Viemeister
  • Studio Leader

    Gregory Stanford
  • Interior Designers

    Penelope Fisher-White, Lauren Farquhar and Emily Morley
  • Project Managers

    Robert Vertes
  • Staff

    Ray Chuang, Harold Gainer Jodel Narcisse, Nancy Thiel and Rahm Erez
  • Area

    10000.0 m2
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