COBE Designs Huge Public Pool and Waterfall for New Harbor District in Cologne

12:15 - 29 September, 2016
COBE Designs Huge Public Pool and Waterfall for New Harbor District in Cologne, © COBE and Beauty and the Bit
© COBE and Beauty and the Bit

Danish firm COBE has been announced as the winner of a competition for the revitalization of Deutzer Hafen, the harbor district of Cologne, Germany. Unanimously selected over proposals from Lorenzen, Diener & Diener Architekten, Scheuvens + Wachten, and Trint + Kreuder dna, the winning design will transform the old industrial harbor into a vibrant, sustainable neighborhood through the addition of a new city landmark: a new public pool and huge waterfall at the end of the harbor.

The pool will be sustained through environmentally-friendly methods, utilizing collected rainwater and excess heat expelled from buildings to provide the public with an exciting new attraction.

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COBE Chosen to Develop Christiansholm Island in Copenhagen

16:00 - 11 February, 2016
COBE Chosen to Develop Christiansholm Island in Copenhagen, © COBE and Luxigon
© COBE and Luxigon

COBE has been announced as winner of an international competition to masterplan Christiansholm island (also known as Paper Island) in Copenhagen’s inner harbor. COBE's plan calls to replace the artificial island's existing warehouses with new "Copenhagen Halls" that are topped with housing and commercial space, and anchored by "informal, public functions," such as event, gallery and swimming halls. All will be connected by a public promenade the surrounds the island.

“Our vision for the island’s future is to create a place that celebrates the city’s culture and the Copenhagen way of life. It was important for us that Christiansholm also in future will be a first class example of Copenhagen’s generous urban living that can attract tourists and visitors at the same time has a strong local presence,” says Dan Stubbergaard, owner and creative director at COBE.

Adidas Selects COBE to Design "Rhombus-Shaped" Flagship Building in Germany

01:00 - 11 December, 2014
Adidas Selects COBE to Design "Rhombus-Shaped" Flagship Building in Germany, © COBE

Danish architects COBE have won an international competition to design the Adidas Group’s “Meet & Eat” flagship building at their “World of Sports” headquarters in Herzogenaurach. The 11,000-square-meter “rhombus-shaped” structure is envisioned as a “distinctive landmark” that will provide the campus with a “flexible and user-friendly” public conference center, employee restaurant and showroom.

“The adidas brand has always been known for technique and functionality, and we have designed a building that reflects and encapsulates these values,” says Dan Stubbergaard, Founder and Creative Director at COBE. “Adidas Meet & Eat will house many functions, both internal and public, and therefore we have created a design that above all is multifunctional and flexible. A design that allows for the building to change and adjust to the different social contexts that the building will house.”

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COBE Unveils Design for Danish Red Cross Volunteer House

01:00 - 5 November, 2014
COBE Unveils Design for Danish Red Cross Volunteer House , © COBE

COBE has released their competition winning design for a new Volunteer House at the entrance of the Danish Red Cross in central Copenhagen. An extension to the existing headquarters, the new space will serve as a common entrance to the entire facility and offer a public “hang out” atop its pitched, terraced roof.

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COBE's Adaptive Reuse of Nordhavnen Silo Marks Beginning of Redevelopment

01:00 - 7 September, 2014

Danish firm COBE is transforming the largest industrial building in Nordhavnen - a silo - into an apartment building with both private and public functions. For COBE, who also created the urban development plans for Nordhavnen, this project marks the beginning of the post-industrial area's future. Nordhavnen is a harbor area located only 4km from Copenhagen's city centre.

 "The exciting thing about old industrial property is how to preserve their soul and at the same time use them for something else," said Klaus Kastbjerg, the owner of the silo, commenting on the adaptive reuse project. To preserve the soul of the silo, the architects will maintain a raw industrial feeling on the interior. Each of the 40 retrofitted apartments will contain visible historic remnants such as existing concrete columns and walls.

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