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Tools, inspiration, and knowledge to help create better cities

Over the next 10 years, 18 billion square meters of space will be designed to serve and shelter an additional 1.5 billion people. ArchDaily is the most visited source of tools, inspiration, and knowledge for those who will imagine, design, and build our future world.

In 2008, while working as architects, our founders realized that there was no place for their peers to experience the latest projects, products, and trends. So, we decided to build it.

We began as a platform to collect and spread the most important information for architects seeking to build a better world. Today, we are an ever-evolving tool for anybody who has a passion and determination to shape the world around them, including the 13.6 million readers that visit ArchDaily every month.

We are proudly driven to help our users design a better world.

“As architects, editors and curators we are working every day on providing inspiration and tools for creating better cities in the world. Our team is proud of working together towards that mission.”

Fernanda. Content, Chile.

“We're inspiring architects with the best architecture projects in the world, as well as the products used to make them a reality. Better, more friendly cities are a direct result of what we do.”

Kirk. Sales, Global.

“I'm very proud of my work, which consists of helping to connect two sides of the world by spreading the word about the success of ArchDaily's tools”

Han. Operations, China.

“We are proud to create new technological tools for architects that help them do their job in a better way”

Tavo. Technology, Chile.

“We help our partners provide the most complete product information to architects who will ultimately design better projects”

Isabela. Customer Success, Brasil.

Our job

Our job is to improve the quality of life for the billions of people who will move to cities over the coming decades, by providing knowledge, tools, and inspiration for those who will meet the challenge of designing for them.

Every day, architects and designers from around the world send us their latest projects, products, news, and opinions. Using innovative technologies, we collect, curate, and publish the best information on our ever-growing database of knowledge, delivering our e-zine to millions of monthly readers in over 230 countries and regions.

Our people

“We are a motivated team that is constantly thinking about the future and breaking paradigms. Now, our challenge is to build on our momentum, and broaden our horizon.”.
David Basulto - CEO

We won’t stop

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“Entrepreneurs redesigning the architecture industry”

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