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Minimum requirements

ArchDaily receives a considerable number of submissions per day and we are unable to publish everything that is submitted. If you follow our submission guidelines, we are able to review your project more quickly. As we look at every submission it may take up to 2 weeks to receive a response. Projects that do not follow submission guidelines may not receive a response.


  • 1 Project Name
  • 2 Architect or Architecture Firm
  • 3 Office Website
  • 4 Contact Email
  • 5 Completion Year
  • 6 Built Area (m2 or sqft).
  • 7 Project Location

    The specific location where the project was built, hopefully with a Google Map link or exact coordinates. If the project is a house we only publish referential locations (city or town).

  • 8 Photographer

    Please include photographer and link to photographer’s website


  • 9 Eg: Lead Architect, Team, Collaborators, Clients, Consultants, Budget, etc.

    Manufacturers / Products

  • 10 Please include at least five of the brands and/or products used in your project.

    Eg: Saint Gobain - Dual lacquered laminated glass 'PLANILAQUE STADIP.

    Project Description

  • 11 English + Original Language. All texts will be published as received.

    (200 - 500 words).


  • 12 Professional Photos

    Include a total of at least 8 shots that show the project (interiors and exteriors). Do not include renders.

    Images must be in JPG format and at least 2880px wide (72dpi).

  • 13 Drawings

    In order for projects to be published they must include plans, sections and detail drawings. Diagrams and axonometrics are always a plus.

  • 14 Supplemental Media / 360 Videos / GIFs

    Please include any other visual material that helps readers understand the project.

Send us your built projects submission

We recommend that you organize your files using this folder structure. Once your files are in place, create your own folder with your submission in Google Drive or Dropbox and send to us the link to the content.
Please be sure that the link which you are sharing with us has the right permissions so that we can access the content.
We only receive submissions of built projects completed after 2012.
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