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Porcelain Tiles - Fahrenheit Collection | Fiandre

  • Use

    Porcelain tile cladding and covering
  • Applications

    Floors & walls (both indoor and outdoor), stairs, swimming pools
  • Characteristics

    High technical performance, wide range of shades and carefully selected colors, easy to install, sustainable manufacturing
  • Colors

    0F Cool, 350F Frost, 400F Heat, 450F Heat, 500F Heat, 300F Frost, 250F Frost
  • Sizes

    150X75, 75X75, 120X60, 60X60, 60X30, 60X15, 60X10 cms.

Supplementary Files

More about this product

Colour is one of the main factors influencing the style of an environment and the choice of furniture and accessories to complete its function.

Fahrenheit by Fiandre offers exclusive and carefully selected colours with contemporary surfaces. The new collection includes an extremely wide range of shades divided into degree of colour temperature. Three warm shades (HEAT) are juxtaposed against three grey shades (FROST). The HEAT and FROST shades are linked by an elegant intermediate white (COOL).

Impeccable and minimalist tones make Fahrenheit perfect for following an extreme minimalism to create bold contrasts aimed at achieving a more exclusive elegance.



Fahrenheit Collection - 0F Cool, 350F Frost, 400F Heat, 450F Heat, 500F Heat, 300F Frost, 250F Frost

Fahrenheit Collection - 0F Cool, 350F Frost, 400F Heat, 450F Heat, 500F Heat, 300F Frost, 250F Frost

Sizes: 150x75, 75x75, 120x60, 60x60, 60x30, 60x15, 60x10 cms.
Thickness: 8 mm.
Finishes: Honed, Slate


PreConsumer Recycling
- Fiandre production is a closed-loop process that recycles 100% of raw material and water wastes back into the production cycle.
- Fiandre polishing factory reclaims residue from the polishing process and the material is fired into a durable ingredient for highway paving. All water from the polishing factory is recycled back into the production line.

Recycled Materials
- Carton boxes for finished products
- Plastic to pack the pallets
- Paper in all offices

Installation Site Air Quality
- Fiandre products do not contain added VOC’s. With proper use and maintenance, these materials help reduce overall off-gassing, which aids in meeting LEED interior air quality standards.
- No sealants or waxes are required that could add harmful VOC’s to a building.
- Stain-resistant surface reduces the need for harsh cleaning agents.
- Simple maintenance with pH-neutral cleaning products is all that is needed.

Anti-Pollution Devices
Fiandre manufacturing facilities use anti-pollution devices that far exceed the minimum standards required by law including:
- Smoke depurators
- Sand depurators (regeneration and reutilization)
- Water purifiers (total depuration, regeneration, and reutilization)
- Reutilization of heat from the kilns
- Reutilization of production losses

Materials Sourcing
Fiandre’s Cumberland County, Tennessee, manufacturing facility is located within 500 miles of major markets for LEED projects. In addition, the factory has been built nearby its major extraction sources for raw materials, which are also within a 500-mile distance to major LEED building markets.

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